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    Going out on a date is no heter to violate tznius laws.

    pet peeve

    “I mean really there arent that many mitzvos asked of a girl to perform….

    WIY you’ve just demonstrated zero understanding of the nature of tznius. While there are some aspects of the mitzvah that can be understood by “rules” and are non-negotiable, there are other aspects that are quite unclear, are grey areas, and different poskim hold different ways. Given the diversity in klal yisrael, one sefer/book of the “rules” is not necessarily going to satisfy everyone…there are in fact MANY books written on the topic, yet there continues to be discussion as to what the “obvious” halacha is…..tznius is a sensitive and delicate topic, and subtly cynical comments such as yours do not help women keep the mitzvah better.


    thanks all for your advice! date was ok, and I was dressed perfectly for the occasion although I never want to do that again (takes so much time, id rather just be simpler)!

    for the curious people, we went out a few times now i just have to decide if I like him…??? wish that was as simple as figuring out what to wear!


    Well, since YWN advise about clothing worked well for you why don’t you tell us a bit about you decision making?



    because one asked for advice, does not mean that she has any obligation to expose her decisions.


    @ 2scents

    I guess humor is not part of your dictionary bad enough for caleefornia to ask YWN what to wear on a date

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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