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    Does anyone know what stroller is the best?

    We’re having our first kid and we are overwhelmed when it comes to these things!

    I am not looking to spend more than $350 on a stroller and I want one easy to push, nice looking and on the lightweight side.

    We live in Israel, so one that’s the jogger type might be good because it’s easier to push, but I am not ready to spend $400 on it.

    Any suggestions?

    Please let us know which one you like and why/why not.



    Congratulations and good luck!

    I’m not really into the bugaboo trend,I can say that the peg perego pliko or p3 is very good. It’s good quality and folds up nicely for the car. You can also buy the infant car seat they make and attatchnit tom the stroller to make your own ” travel system”.


    the mountain buggy is also very good. it folds with one hand, and is quite narrow so eady to get into stores without crashing into everything. it has good wheels for jerusalem hills. the price depends… good luck!!!!!!!!


    The City Mini is for you!!!


    City Mini is a great, cheap stroller.


    I wouldn’t call the City Mini cheap by any means, but it is a good value, easy to open and close even one handed, not too heavy so you can still shlep it up and down the stairs, it almost fully reclines, it has a good hood that comes down almost all the way in front so it gives good coverage in the sun. and it is very, very easy to push even with one hand. This all being said from the Bubby!

    Brooklyn Yenta

    yup, city mini


    Thank you for all your responses and please keep them coming. What I wanted to know is if there’s a difference between the citi mini bicycle wheels type stroller vs the citi mini with the typical stroller wheels.

    Also, are there any downsides to either the citi mini or mountain buggy?

    Thanks a million!


    Love the citi mini!Folds so easy & is very easy to push! only disadvantage- tips over easily.


    inglesina the best carriage ever and lasts long very long.good luck in parenthood best wishes from all of us here. p.s first baby- still easy……

    Feif Un

    The BOB Revolution is really good.


    Baby Jogger folds the same way as the citi-mini and is a bigger stroller. It is a great stroller but is much heavier and takes up much more room. It also costs more, obviously. One daughter-in-law has it and it has lasted for years.

    Don’t mix up the citi-mini and the micro-mini which is a smaller version and has smaller wheels.

    The micro mini only tips over when it is overloaded at the handle and there is no child in it.

    the Mountain buggy is a great stroller but it is very heavy and cumbersome. It is also much harder to open and close, certainly not a one handed stroller.

    mom of a few

    peg perego pliko is not good for israel too bulky


    Correction – the citi-mini tips over only when the child is not in it.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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