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    random comment. the gemara in kidushin says if s/o marries a woman for money they will have bad children and lose their money within a month


    So why do all the ‘shtarke learning boys’ only want money????

    about the photos…I am a shadchan. I once mentioned a shidduch to a boy that was here in NY without his parents (he was a BT)..the girl was from another country so I showed him a pic. just to show so that we dont bring in girl for nothing…

    well…he did not like her looks etc….but we got her to NY anyway with some back-up ideas just in case…well to make a long story a bit shorter- they got engaged!

    As I was leaving the engagement-the chosson tells me- NEVER show a pic of a girl before a meeting! so there u have it! Regardless of what a dead pic shows-once the boy or girl open there mouth this ‘pic’ comes alive and all the flaws just seem to fall away..

    good luck to u all

    may we only share simchos!!!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)
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