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    I spent most of my formative years in a very OOT-y community, big mix of people and everyone said good shabbos to everyone b’shita. When we moved to another OOT community albeit much less Out Of Town-y, people here are friendly and cordial and most say good shabbos, I’ve never seen anyone not respond, but it’s not so b’shita. Since high school, I’ve been living in town and I’ve gotten used to not being wished good shabbos, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Recently, I spent shabbos in a community and EVERY SINGLE PERSON wished me good shabbos to and from shul. It was annoying. I couldn’t hold a conversation without being constantly interrupted, and I couldn’t just walk in my own thoughts. Too much.


    To whomever mentioned that saying Good Shabbos can lead to flirting: does that mean that when I say Good Shabbos to my father’s friend, a guy who’s married and has seven kids and three grandchildren, that can lead to flirting?

    My mind honestly rebels.

    There are gedarim and there are gedarim for gedarim and there is a concept of going too far. If you flirt with a girl, it’s NOT because you went to say Good Shabbos to her- just a shot in the dark here, but could it possibly be vice versa?


    Writersoul – by even in Monsey I meant even in the less yeshivish neighborhoods I get strange looks occasionally. It’s just more fun in the yeshivish/chassidish neighborhoods.


    Shopping613: if your post:

    “I love that song! Its a shame its not youtube….i want to download it!”

    was referring to Yonatan Shlagbaum’s Ki Ein, google “Yonatan Shlagbaum” you should have it right there…

    Shopping613 🌠

    I was referibg to ‘my beleif’ by london girls choir


    ye nice song… not on youtube… sorry

    Shopping613 🌠

    Ya, ik, you know a REALLY good song i just found??? Go to youtube and search: to you lyric video avi abrams.

    Its like my new favorite song!


    After 665 consecutive days of aveilut, I can finally answer this one! My first song was “Mairzy Doats,” in memory of my Mom. She learned this as a kid, and sang this to me when I was a kid. The second song was “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'” from the soundtrack of Oaklahoma!, in memory of my Dad. He had a beautiful voice, and I loved listening to him sing, both around the house and in shule. He sang this around the house quite frequently.

    Little Froggie

    Wow! Must have been extremely hard! May the Omnipresent (Makom) send you a Nechamah b’ kiflayim (a double consolation).


    Thank you, LF.




    haTikva, being stationed between Yom ha’atzmaut & Yom Yersuholayim.

    Patur Aval Assur

    R’ Chaim Berlin writes:

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    any good music.


    Something fast!

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