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    During the short break on Yom kippur, A middle aged man told me about how his father, may he be well, was with the American Army when they liberated one of the camps.

    He said that the American soldiers were absolutely disgusted and appalled by what they found. After a few days, the American soldiers (presumably christians) just could not stand the sight of the germans any more. So the American rounded up the germans, and then the Americans took justice in their own hands.



    As I mentioned above, my father a”h was in the American army during the war.

    He brought back a nazi flag as a souvenir, which he very much wanted to have a an appropriately proper place of DIShonor.


    When I was a kid we used it as a dartboard.

    Feif Un

    Earlier in this thread, I wrote a story about my grandfather in the camps, when someone had stolen some butter.

    I was by my parents for Sukkos, and mentioned that he had told me that. My mother said that wasn’t what happened, and she’d heard it differently. She said the version I heard was from a movie about the Holocaust, and I must have mixed them up. I know I didn’t. However, when my grandfather told it to me, he was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, so it’s possible that he mixed them up.

    My mother said that when the SS guard was pointing the gun at my grandfather’s head, about to shoot, the head of the camp came running out, yelling. The guard stopped. The commandant said to him, “This group is the hardest working group in the camp! You’re killing all my best workers!” The guard turned around and walked away.

    Because my grandfather is not alive anymore, I guess I’ll never know for sure which way it really happened.


    My grandmother a”mush, was in line for mengele y”msh to go right or left. she had been in transport for days and was running a high fever, along with severe malnutrition. she told me that she looked terrible and everyone was scared for her. they were telling her to slap her cheeks etc., to look healthier. out of nowhere, a nazi nurse stepped over to her and wordlessly gave her an aspirin. by the time she got to the front of the line she looked healthier. and she made it.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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