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    What do people think post corona will look like?
    I think the first shabbos shuls will have a huge kiddush (assuming your shul was closed until then which I hope it was).
    I also think the authorities will first let the younger people out but suggest older people stay home if possible to see what happens when they ease restrictions. Do people expect that to happen?


    They’ll be a six feet separation between everyone in shul, the office and on the subway and streets. Everyone will wear face masks. No one will shake hands. Everyone will be washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer every 30 minutes.


    Rosh Hashana? Forever?
    Right after Purim I told a lady at work I couldn’t shake her hand because of corona. She responded by saying her husband was in a hospital and they found a corona case. I had no idea what would become…


    Yes. I think what I outlined above will still be in effect and observed as late as Rosh Hashana and well beyond.


    Telework will be more common. This is good for frum Jews, since telework is good for flexible hours, good for women (and men) not wanting to be forced to work in a goyish workplace, and people who don’t like frum Yidden can’t see you on the internet.

    Distance education will be good. This offers opportunities for frum Jews both for getting secular education without having to go to a goyish school, and for Torah education (especially for those not living in the heart of Boro Park or Lakewood). We’ll probably have to get rid of relying on “filters” and look into our own VPNs.

    Outside of New York City, it appears that the Covid-19 only made a small percentage of infected persons sick, and very few became seriously ill other than the elderly and those who were seriously ill to begin with. This will have political implications for the places where the lockdowns were not needed. It may encourage people to move out of New York City for health reasons, resulting in significantly lower housing prices in New York (good if you rent, bad if you own). Both parties will be blamed for the lockdowns and the economic hardship caused, opening the door for possibly new and radical political movements, and in general, Jews do better under established and boring governments rather than new and radical ones.

    Little Froggie

    אי”ה by Shavuos it will be over.

    The first Shabbos in all the Shuls will be spectacular. NOT A PEEP! The entire Davening. EVERY SHUL!! Many will try to augment and savor that spectacular feeling, there will be Kabolos in many Shuls not to talk by Davening. To give HaShem His proper due respect – one positive outcome of this tzara.

    Also this Shabbos Kria will be quite long. It will be Vayakhel – Pekudai – Vayikra – Tzav – Shemini – Tazria – Metzorah – Acharei – Kedoshim – Emor – Bhar – Bechukosai – Bamidbar – Naso. (since the majority of Yidden did not have Keria since.

    There will be many, many Gomels, maybe even the ENTIRE congregation – since anyone alive was literally in the situation and place of dire Sakana – and got saved. (I’ll leave this decision up to the Rabonim)

    Then there will be a Kiddush – a Kiddush to remember. No – not for the food and drinks, but for the words of thankfulness and gratitude to the Ribono Shel Olam for ending this terrible plague. For the words of Chizuk offered at the occasion. For the warm (may I dare think it?) HANDSHAKES, HUGS, KISSES, ETC. , for human interaction and connection. For the resumption of humans to live as humans!!!

    I see it coming (I have that crystal thingy). One day we’re going to be able to smile in public, and offer one another a hearty handshake!! That day is coming. Closer, closer. Ever so close.


    You make good points. I’m finishing a second masters and its totally online from a reputable university. Very convenient. (They taught us to say- you make good points online 🙂 but you did make good points….
    If NYC loses its status as such an important place (NY Times said it could take years to regain prominence) would housing prices drop? Would frum people stop moving here as much for jobs if they can telecommute? That would drop housing prices.
    Hi froggie,
    Very inspirational. I will say one thing. I’m not hugging or even shaking hands with anyone until I know this is over for a long time!


    Here’s my personal opinions. Yes I’m an EMT for just about two decades, but this has more basis in my personal opinion, my reading, research, chat with colleagues. Obviously, none of us have seen something like this before so this is just what I think.

    In all likelihood life in rural areas will revert to what it was within a few months. However, I do believe that things in urban areas (especially NYC) will change for the long term. I think many people will continue wearing masks long term. I think various concepts in the food services industry (self serve salad bars) may cease to exist. I think that large events may not resume for many months, if not longer, so concerts and ball games etc may not be back for a while.

    In a nutshell I don’t think this is going away. Whether caused by concrete science or psychological fears we will see a changed world. Before 9/11 no one really thought twice about airport security (ok, briefly in the 70s) and I see this in the same fashion. There is a new awareness now and people are going to adjust their behavior.

    On a personal note, I miss shul terribly after 2 months of isolation. I look forward every day to being able to have that back. I do believe the return to society will be more gradual rather than all-at-once but I still anxiously await that first Shabbos.

    Hope everyone is coping as well as possible.


    I think the first shabbos back will be bittersweet. While I think everyone will be happy to be back in shul, I imagine there will still be some measures in place. It is not unlikely that the first while back in shul will require masks and social distancing, and I can’t imagine anyone will be allowed to have a kiddush. Remember, this thing will end in steps, not suddenly.


    I am dreading going back to the old shuls and seeing new yartzhiet plaques.


    It will be a while but once we have a vaccine there will be a big economic boom as there is huge pent up demand for travel, eating out, entertainment — and the services needed to support those sectors of the economy.


    As usual, Charlie hit the nail on the head. Our future lives in big cities for the foreseeable future will be driven by the “Fauci Factor” as explained at today’s Senate hearing on the “reopening. With an effective vaccine (as shown through RCTs and observational metrics) the “fear factor” will still exist but likely at a sufficiently de minimus level that we won’t fear a gutten shabbos handshake or touching the bimah when we get aliyos or wiping down the Eitz Chayim with Purel before doing hagbah. Without a vaccine, we will still venture out but many of us will be highly risk averse in our social and phsical interactions with people and things.

    heiliger yidele

    I agree with NOYB, I wonder how long it will take for there to be full fledged tishim- American style. I always used to go for sukkos to America, and I loved going through boro park and Williamsburg to all the big simchas betis hashoevas, and on chol hameed of course theres the world renowned ‘interin play’ somehow I dont see that happening this year with 5000 ppl.. but then again you never know


    For a lot of individuals things will never be the same. But no one seems to care about anything besides opening the shuls.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    That’s baloney. And not even apperant from this thread.


    Dear Syag,
    Are you talking to me? Thousands of mourners? Hundreds of orphans? Unknown without income? Everyone missing smiling faces daily? All the children without their friends? Elderly that have not seen their descendants in two months? Many of our elder leaders passed on?

    Why would anyone care about that? Just give them their minyan etc. because that gives clarity and meaning to everything!


    Looks like things will remained closed through Succos at least. Without a safe and effective vaccine (they say next summer at the earliest) looks like Pesach alone too.

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