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    My sister being able to get past a first date. yes, I know she is a dumpy dresser ( as a boy told the shadchan) but thats not the end all, is it


    Donald Trump losing to a tortoise in the primaries, which won’t happen this election but only because no tortoises are running.


    skripka- awful that the boy would say that to the shadchan, even more awful that the shadchan would repeat it.


    If true, perhaps the Shadchen did her a favor by being blunt despite the hurt feelings. Now go help your sister with her wardrobe if there’s truly something to fix. If she’s simply dressing “eidel” good for her, but try to look for a more ruchniyusdig boy.

    And that guy was no catch either..,


    You need to help your sister dress better.

    As a famous Rebbetzin once said, Shlomo Hamelech said Sheker Hachein V’Hevel Hayofi, but 1) he was the wisest man ever 2) he had many wives before he figured that out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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