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    Sister Bear

    If you could see/do anything at a Pesach hotel what would you want in terms of activities?



    A chometz eating contest.


    Bobbing for knaidles

    The afikomen 400 meter hurdle relay you want a prize? you really have to earn it

    Matzagami you take softened matzah and shape into birds and other shapes


    Nothing really… while I don’t begrudge those who go away for Pesach, it’s just not for me. To me, Pesach always meant staying at home or with close family. I can’t imagine going to a hotel for Pesach.

    But as I said, I don’t begrudge those who do.

    The Wolf


    I go to a hotel for Pesach. We had a fantastic activities director. There were games for kids only, parents only and kids and parents together. I’m sorry, my memory isn’t so good to remember what games we played but we all had fun.


    A private seder. With my own family.

    Can’t either imagine not being in my own dining room at the seder, but if i had to, i’d want it to be as much like home as possible, but without having to clean up afterwards.

    Definitely they’d have to make room for me and my kids (grand included) in the kitchen Erev Pesach, and lend me a vaccum cleaner for half an hour, and a nice place outdoors for the chametz burning, or we’d be wandering around lost & disoriented wondering what to do with ourselves.

    At least 2 pools and spas and tennis courts & hang gliding & spelunking & sailing for chol hamoed. And a petting zoo with exotic baby animals for the little guys. And a golf course of course!


    A ruler that will measure the shiur of the kezaisim, as well as the hemlines of the guests

    (I don’t begrudge the hotel crowd either, but love to poke fun at them!)


    Why is it Muttar to measure the Shiurim at the Seder? I know they say it’s okay for a Mitzvah, but measuring the Shiur for pretty much everything is possible before Yom Tov. Using precise measuring tools (or those measuring cards) shouldn’t be Muttar on Yom Tov. You should have to do it before.


    A Bananagrams or Monopoly Deal tournament


    Affordability and a weight watchers meeting.

    Imagine being able to plan your points and lend and receive support with those eating the exact same foods?! What a mechaya!


    ” You should have to do it before. “

    Ok, good point. Prior to packing the wardrobe, all hem lines (and sleeves / collars) should be measured to be sure all is in accordance with the spirit of Yom Tov.


    What woudl I want at a Pesach hotel?


    (Just kidding, actually I prefer to be home for that particular yom tov).


    For them to check all the eggs (they’re not;they CAN’T!) and being more careful with kashrut. And I’d like to see those rabbis who speak at peach hotels to explain to us why they don’t stay all peach and actually eat there?

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