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    My neighbors bake these amazing cookies with candy bars in the center.

    Are they…

    A) Cookies with candy bar centers
    B) Candy bars that are wrapped in cookie dough and shaped like a cookie

    If they are indeed cookies with candy bar centers, then why are tempura vegetables not friend batter stuffed with vegetables?

    Thank you ☺


    Would depend on what is ikar (the important part) and the tofel (not important part). Are you eating it for the candy in the middle or the cookie on the outside? Nobody is going to eat tempura dough just plain, so it is obvious that the vegetables inside of the dough are the ikar, hence the name reflecting their importance.

    But give me a good name if you combine something like Snickers (obviously a cholov yisroel version) and chocolate chip cookie. What do you call it?

    P.S. I saw a picture of an Oreo wrapped in a chocolate cookie. That is some invention.

    But please, let’s not discuss this too much as I am going to a weight loss group tonight and it’s too hard with all of these yummy treats being suggested.


    Some of the mysteries in life should remain just that….mysteries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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