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    Little Froggie

    Ooohh. Now that Frogette is away and out of commission, I’ve got a lot of time to think about it. Scratch that, no, I don’t have time, any time. So busy keeping clean (discovered that dirt doesn’t gravitate towards the trash bin), laundry (where’s the soiled one, the fresh one), untangling kids (remote controlling doesn’t work), putting up Pizza, putting up Pizza, putting up Pizza…


    Anyone with a spare House/Sukkah …


    Just try to keep the little ones safe, well-hydrated, moderately well-nourished (pizza’s not a bad idea, if they already have teeth), moderately content, and relatively clean (-aim for very basic sanitary standards).

    Don’t worry about the house. It won’t cry, or pick itself up and leave, if you neglect it.

    If you can, try to give the kids, and maybe even the house, a quick polish before Frogette shows up. Don’t want to have her faint while holding a little bundle.

    And get yourself an occasional bit of sleep.

    Mazel Tov!


    And for the amount that they do, 200 zuz is cheap. Its a real shame Rabbeinu Gershom got involved


    Not a shame at all, PurimM.

    200 zuz won’t quite foot the bill any more.

    Rabbeinu ZTZ”L got involved just in time to save you from having to multiply by 2 (or 3?) the diamond ring minhag, the diamond bracelet minhag, the unlimited texting and internet access minhag, the Pesach in Cancun minhag, and let’s not forget the $6,000 sheitel minhag.

    Little Froggie

    Golfer, it’s not a money thing, it’s the sharing of one’s undivided attention, love and concern between two. How does one do that?

    And thanks for your pointers, I’ll certainly remember the one about the house not crying or leaving!!


    golfer, rotfl!!!


    Shhh! My wife reads this!


    Aww… how’s Frogette now? B”H, hope she’s good and all is good.


    Wow, at least you have time to post in the CR!

    Little Froggie

    LB: How’d you find this one? It’s three years old. When our little one was born B”H. I would think she had enough time to recuperate since.


    LF: I don’t know… I wandered around in threads, and one topic lead to another… you know how it goes.

    Aww!!! You have tadpoles! 🙂

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Wow – I knew you had some married kids, so I didn’t realize that you also have toddlers. For some reason, I thought all your kids were married. I guess that’s not the case, unless you believe in marrying them off really young…


    If the tadpole is already 3, he or she developed legs and came out of the water long ago.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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