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    Cruz dropped out, and then Kasich does, too? Why is he handing the nomination over to Trump? If he remains on the ballot, anti-Trumpers can–barely, granted–stop him. Now they can’t. What did he drop out for?? Moreover, did he ever expect to win Indiana? He knew he wouldn’t–so what changed now that prompted him to drop out?


    Kasich was in only to insure Trump wins by splitting the anti-Trump vote, this letting Trump win many states with only a plurality and not a majority, and thus insuring Trump took many delegates he would not have had there been one unified non-Trump candidate.

    He’s probably hoping to be Trump’s VP candidate.


    Cruz and Kasich had no path to victory

    Its foolish to fight a battle you cant win, At some point you are labeled a sore loser and damage yourself even worse

    trump should get the 1237 Delegates without a brokered convention, He has 1050 now and NJ has 51 that he is basically gurnatteed to get. He . There are 390 more available and then he would only need 135 or so of them and he was also ahead in California with 172 delegates


    They didn’t have a path to the nomination before India, either. What they had was a path to stop Trump, and Kasich inexplicably gave up.


    Fascinating, joseph


    I also thought that was Kasich’s line of thought. For those who like Trump and/or Cruz, what do you think of a Trump/Cruz ticket?


    That can’t have been his reasoning, because he already said he wouldn’t be Trump’s running mate.

    I like Cruz, and sure hope he’s not Trump’s running mate. It would be very hypocritical if he runs alongside trump, and it’s not like if he’s on the ticket Trump stands a better chance against Her Royal Majesty.


    Cruz would never lower himself to being Trump’s VP. Trump is antithetical to everything Cruz believes in, as well as everything we believe in as Torah Jews!

    Trump is an immoral, amoral, opportunistic, vulgar narcissist.

    I’ll still be voting for Cruz in our primary next month.

    Never Trump – Never Clinton!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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