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    there have been numerous news bulletins about the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. I don’t get it. will he have a lot power? Is there a lot of politics involved? why all the issue?


    It is ALL politics. The entire position. As well as the positions of Chief Rabbis of Israel.

    mrs. Katz

    If i have it right, in the last municipial elections, the Gerrer chassidim brought mr. nir barkat to power as mayor, and he promised to install a mizrachi Rabbi in the job, rather than somebody chareidi who diametrically opposes the state.

    Since that election was a serious fight between R’ porush and the Gerrers, and since barkat actually kept many of his promises, this is a BIG ISSUE.

    the rabbi does not too much power, but the mayor does.


    I am not familiar with this specific case, but the Chief Rabbi is actually the Rabbi of the Non-Relgious.

    If you are Gerrer, you go to the Gerrer Rebbe, If you are Belz you go to the Belzer Rebbe, If you are Litvish you go to Rav Shteinman or similar.

    But if you are non-religious then you dont have a rav , so the Chief Rabbi is in charge of relgious life for those people.



    If you are non religious then you have no rav. If you are religious you have your shul Rav or posek…


    Mrs katz, if only knew how right you are.

    BTW if you are litvish your Ravmight just be R’ shmule aerbach


    In Israel even if you are not religous, you are requied to follow some religious laws , like the laws of marriage and divorce and usually burial.

    So the non-religious need a rabbi to perform the wedding or give a get.

    There are also other issues that concern the non-religious in Israel.

    Its those people who the Chief Rabbi serves.


    The chief Rabbi has loads of power in terms of opinion. He appears with every freign leader, attends every event. Let’s say it goes to a mizrachi and he expresses his opinion that everyone should do aliya, or all chareidim should go ot the army. With the title of chief rabbi of Jerusalem the media will all pay him homage, and write up on it.


    What happens if the chief rabbi tells israeli not to wear sandals or sneakers on shabbos?


    What happens if the chief rabbi tells israeli not to wear sandals or sneakers on shabbos?

    He would never do that and if a Charedi Rabbi became chief rabbi and did that nobody would listen if he did. Anyone applying for the position knows this.

    Thats not his job anyway. His job is government issues, Like Marriage, Divorce, Some Kashruth and representing the government in religious matter


    He would never do that

    If he would not tell people to do the right thing, he is not a real rabbi.

    Thats not his job anyway. His job is government issues

    Then let his title be Chief Clerk rather than rabbi.


    ZD, venahapoich was joking, see various other threads to get the joke.

    BTW, why would nobody listen? If say, the belzer rebbe would say what footwear to wear, i am sure th chassidim would listen. [he probably does already.

    Mrs. Katz it is a pity that people do not from last experience, and stop the fighting this time round.


    If it is largely a matter of expressing opinions, then it would be really good for israle to have a chief rabbi who beleives in israel not giving up land, or fighting it’s enemies or whatever. most rabbis in israel are satmar aligned, so it would be really good to have a “mizrachi2 rabbi.


    ZD, i always thought that EVERYONE ALWAYS listens to rabbis, whatever they say/

    if your rov told you not to wear sneakers on shabbos would you not listen?


    I dont think the shoes was a joke, Some rebbes have declared that their followers wear a certain color shirt, A certain hat etc

    Why wouldnt they also declare on shoes. I hardly ever see some from some groups were crocs or sneakers

    mrs. Katz

    ZD, you are 100% right, there was s post recently on YWN that the belzer rebbe told his chassidim to wear white socks on choil hamoied

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