What’s the difference between Davening in front of a mirror and a picture?

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    … not that I’m sure that there is one, I just don’t know and have been looking for a mekor.

    (I held back on asking this for a while, for fear that it would somehow spark another round of fights about Chabad, but it seems like everyone’s fighting anyway… but seriously, I only want serious answers, and I would like to know if chabad has a reason why davening in front of a picture of the rebbe should be any different. But please, please don’t use this thread for bashing, we already have another one for that 🙁 )

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    Davening in front of a picture is assur. Chabadshluchah on the other thread said to be careful not to have a picture in front of people daving. No discrepancy between chabad and everyone else here.


    its really the feeling inside you thats different in this case. (if its a mirror of you then you have a feeling of more live-not only because your shaking in front of it- but a picture is a frame of someone in one spot 24/7, phisically its totally different in comparing


    If you purposely keep a mirror in front of you, you’re a narcissist.


    You cant daven in front of a picture. In 770 though they put pictures of the Rebbe and the Alter Rebbe when they prepare for farbrengens on their holidays. These are huge banners and they are not placed by the Aron Kodesh rather on the side of the shul which is actually the first thing you see when you enter (for those who know the setup). And it is there for several days while people daven. I pointed it out once to a chabad friend while I was there, an he shrugged “ya its not ideal but its there”. I have no idea how they let it through but if you want to see it for yourself go there before these specific dates.

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    I think the opposite. An avel covers a mirror but not a picture. We want a person to know that he needs others and he is not an island seeing only himself. Davening might be the same. We must daven in unity and not just seeing ourselves but others,


    The OP’s question is not clear at all, so I’ll just make an assumption as to what the OP meant, and then I will answer as follows:

    A picture is an image printed or painted on some sort of paper or canvas. The appearance of the image remains virtually unchanged regardless of where it is placed.

    A mirror is generally a piece of glass with a silver colored backing which reflects most of the light that reaches it. Due to its reflective properties, someone looking at the mirror would see a an image of nearby objects rather than some fixed image.

    Does this answer your question?


    Other religions pray in front of pictures and statues.

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