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    The strongest thing I’ve ever defeated was a mosquito. I have bigger problems, but I’m still fighting.


    I defeated a black fly. Beat that!


    I defeated a man who wanted to kill an innocent bee. I saved the bee’s life. But the mosquito was stronger than that man.


    You’re doing better than me. I couldn’t even get the mosquito.


    Negative energy from the ones who should have influenced me positively.


    A drug addiction


    And thread derailed


    #I’ve overcome missing out on having a father, and focusing on my father in heaven…..

    I think about it a lot in shidduchim, because people always want to know how much support one will give. My daddy in heaven has the power to support me in the most lavish ways… No worries!


    quitting smoking


    i also overcame quitting smoking. It wasn’t easy; I had really wanted to smoke, but I realized it just wasn’t right and continued smoking.

    Little Froggie

    The urge to post. (Whoops..)


    Hashtagposter you are great!


    #Thanks Ivory, Just wanted to point out, that although there is a certain anonymity in cr, these anonymous people have very valid feelings.

    I was having a very hard day and seeing Ivory’s post brought tears to my eyes…


    Thanks so much! Good luck in everything! And dont worry about support. You said it exactly right your daddy has all the money you need.

    Little Froggie

    Wow! #Hash#Tag#, I’m really amazed, astounded!! I don’t think I’ve read about you, (not that I’m here ALL THE TIME), and certainly don’t know your personals, can’t perceive your feelings, emotions. But know this; some who lose their parents R’L can grow ever closer to the ever loving, kind Father in Heaven, a closer, more powerful connection not realized beforehand. And yes, though I’m not at all in your situation, I do know with a certainty that HaShem can and does provide support (and lots more). I’ve experienced it throughout my life.

    Knowing that you have Someone directly looking after you should provide you with some feeling of solace, serenity.

    KEEP IT UP!!


    #Thank you little froggie!

    Git Meshige

    Not falling asleep during my Rov’s weekly drosho


    I can’t say what it was (and I highly doubt you’ll think of it).

    I stopped the second Yom Kippur after I started.

    (If I think of anything stronger, I’ll try to remember to post it.)

    Sam Klein

    a tzaddik once said the hardest aveira to overcome & not do, was not thinking of any torah or mitzvos in the restroom. It was harder then any yom tov to prepare or buying a set of arbeh minim etc…

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