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    What is the biggest issue about having a smartphone? Why are filters not good enough? do you think in 15 years smartphones will be commonly accepted among jews?


    Even if you have a good filter it Is still distracting, but I don’t see such a problem with a regular working guy having one


    And I do think eventually everyone will have to move to smartphone’s (although they do have smartphone’s which don’t have internet capability)


    They run out of battery and I need to charge it mid day.

    Sam Klein

    The hundreds of hours wasted using it online on unnecessary websites and just sitting around using it and

    All the tumah viewed from it that ruins your frumkeit and ruchnius forever without you even realizing it. You corrupted human psychological mind (yetzer hara) makes you think you did nothing wrong online so why can’t I use it when in truth a person knows there was so much unnecessary things you looked at.

    You can thank our Jewish friend Mr. Facebook=the website that has caused thousands of intermarriage and divorces R”L

    In regards to running out of battery too often. A free tip I can suggest to you is to have an Android phone and not a iphone and then you have the option to have an extra battery with you and just change it and minute later your is back to full power. This is very important for businesses who use their cell phones as their business telephone number and can’t afford to have it shut down until you get a chance to recharge your phone


    A yid w/o a smartphone in 15 years will be living in a cave with virtually no access to financial services, most forms of public ground and air transportation, virtually all secular publications and many religious media and seforim, public services etc. Virtually all the functionality of modern life will have gone electronic/digital and those who voluntarily choose to cut themselves off will be dependent on a small cadre of niche service providers who will cater to these Luddites at much higher costs with a much narrower set of options.

    Sam Klein

    Will there still be a printing press in 15 years? Will you find any seforim or siddurim in shuls anymore? Or will everyone just be davening and learning from their smartphones?

    The kedusha in klal Yisroel has definitely gone waaaaay down in today’s generation of technology since the internet started being used and glued to everyone’s life every minute of the day.


    The content isn’t a problem, as it is the same content on any computer system. The problem is that individuals are spending all their time staring at the phone rather than engaging in normal human activities. In the case of children, this is especially problematic and detrimental to their education. These problems have been observed and complained about in almost all cultures, and is not a uniquely “Jewish” issue. Indeed, since frum Jews manage to turn off their smartphones one day a week gives us a special advantage since even the most addicted frummie still knows he or she can survive without the online connections 24/7.


    What’s scary is that in a few years there will be smartphone implants, and they will become commonplace.





    Are you saying that computers will become obsolete that everyone needs a smartphone in 15 years?


    They are terrible for the environment. People replace theirs as soon as a new one comes out, and broken ones never get repaired.


    Reading troll posts


    1 – addictive, even if not for bad things it is a well established fact that the smartphone is designed to keep one engaged and occupied. That isn’t productive, especially for a jew, and leads to sin.
    2 – shmiras einayim. even a filtered smartphone generally is filtered to block out bad stuff, however it is still no better than walking down the street, even innocuous sights like banking have problematic images which a. effect the person negatively, and worse, 2. is a sin if looked at
    3 – personal privacy, go listen to the radio, this one needs no explanation, the only thing to point out here is that ask yourself how far this goes.
    AND NOW, to GADOLHADORA, how honorable to speak to a gadol, i must say… anyway, 2 points…
    1. there may just be a special place in heaven for Luddites. Your derogatory framing of them notwithstanding. Pointing to conveniences of having a smartphone doesn’t speak to the question of its drawbacks.
    2. It is quite narrow-minded, your outlook on the 15 yr trajectory of smart technology. There are already prototypes of chips that are meant to be implanted on the brain that enable DIRECT connection to AI from, and to, the brain. A very scaled down version of this was recently in the news with people in Switzerland getting chips surgically implanted in their hands which enabled them to pay without a cc or phone. Now ask yourself this, you’re all cocky about being up to date with technology now.. are you ready for whats coming? Do you think that you will happily get such an implant, or do you see where maybe that can go horribly wrong , especially in the area of Judaism. Maybe these “luddites” have a point eh?


    People become addicted to them and waste time



    Some people replace them as soon as new models come out, others don’t.
    I need a smartphone for business purposes. I avoided getting one as long as possible.
    This month will be six years since the iPhone 5S came out. It cost me $100 from Verizon and a year’s extension of my contract.
    On 09/20 I will have been using it SIX years. I see no reason to replace it. I don’t need more storage capacity. I have no music on it. I take pictures for business purposes and as soon as I send them to my computer and know they are saved there, I delete them from the phone.
    I have never broken a phone so I can’t speak to repair vs. replacement.

    My kids laugh at me for using an older model. There is a drawer in the office with their discarded iPhones: 6s, 6Splus, 7, 8 10, etc, etc. Maybe the grandchildren will use them someday. Mrs. CTL still uses a flip phone. She keeps it in the car for emergency use only, never brings it into the house.



    That鈥檚 not the biggest issue with smartphones


    It’s way way different than a computer,
    At the computer you sit and do your necessary work, but on a smart phone you can hide and do 讻诇 讚讘专 讗住讜专, once upon a time if you wanted to go to a place not appropriate you had to hide your identity, eg by taking off your Kippah, hide your Peyos etc, nowadays one can pretend to be the frumest of the frumest and be the biggest 讘注诇 注讘讬专讛,


    Chash: I can understand your excitement about the opportunity of exchaning ideas with a gadol. Just take a deep breadth and relax. And yes, those who choose to live their lives in the electronic version of the alte heim (aka w/o smartphones/PDAs/computers) will definitely have substantial challnges completing basic daily functions since the large percentile of commercial activities and opportunities will be inaccessible. Yes, there are those today (Amish, etc.) who live w/o electric appliances andride in horse drawn wagons becuase they reject modern technology and they survive. However, even those groups have found work-arounds so they can function and their numbers are slowly declining as their children choose to maintain a conservative but still more contempoary lifestyle.


    Best post ever


    Immediate gratification


    Anything is bad if not used properly. If u own one and ur a normal person that has boundaries in every day life then u know how to handle a smartphone. If ur a Junkie then ur one without one too.
    Bottom line. If u know how to lead a normal life then u can own a smartphone if u dont then it will rule ur life.


    the worst thing is a smartphone in the hands of a dumb human, not uncommon.


    I am sure if the smartphones would of been around when 讗谞砖讬 讻谞住转 讛讙讚讜诇讛 were mesaken our tefilos they would of
    Added another set of 注诇 讞讟讗 to daven on Yom kipper.
    No question that smart phones will be a necessity in the coming years but this will set ur in the 谞 砖注专讬 讟讜诪讗讛


    Its all personal. Most of us are NOT sitting around for hours on our smartphones playing video games or fantasy football any more so than our parents may have played mah jongg. Nor do 99 percent of smartphone owners sit around in a dark corner watching pritzus (which seems to be the bogeyman of the “ban smartphone crowd). Instead, both computers and smartphones have provided us with an enourmous amount of additional time to spend with out children, limud torah or just take a respite from the 24×7 treadmill of everyday life. I can pay my yeshiva tuition, , deposit a check into my bank account, reserve an airline seat to Uman, order my weekly grocery list online for delivery (and do instant price comarisons), check whether the hashgacha on a certain product is still in good-standing, order a new shtender for overnight delivery to the beis medrash etc. all in minutes rather than spending time traveling to the store or holding online for someone to answer the phone. If you don’t value time, than of course, all of these efficiencies are not important and you can continue to live your life in an analog version of the Alte Heim. The good news is you have the choice and don’t have to rely on someone else telling you how to organize and live your life and still be a shomer torah u’mitzvos.


    Oh knowledgeable Sir Sam Klien
    1 Where did you get all that data about facebook causing thousands of intermarriages and divorces? I didn’t know facebook was the source of all evil.
    2 Is davening from a phone really that bad? What about using a nooknuki?
    computers today are small and portable, on smartphones they usually have a watered down version of browsers that don’t have easy ways of clearing up your search historys, watch history and other such cookies.
    With a computer you have the full access to the browser, and can modify you search history, upload mask fake URLs, and print out bad information. In my mind computers are just as bad or worse than smartphones.


    I think these smartphone and internet is part of a larger issue of many in the charedi world wishing some sort of life back to the Shtetel, Like it was some glorious place. No amount of fasting, tzdekah and praying will bring back that life and the gloryfing of the Shtetl seems to only harp on the positive side , not the Pograms, the severe povery and other really bad things that happend there.

    Being we are here, we have to adapt and failure to adapt will have consequences, exactly what those consequences (Both positive and negative) are may not be apparent at this time and may not be known for a few generations.

    Just throwing this out and not saying this will or wont happen. As charedim become more and more of a percentage of Israel and a majority at some point, the secualarists could leave turning the country back time to an agrian economy, however one before modern time and food shortages would become common and perhaps Israel would become one of these places whose economies depend on foreign aid and the benevolence of other countries


    They are too expensive for bneI Torah torah.

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