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    square root of 2

    It is clear that a good lineage is a ma’alah. See 1st rashi in parashas pinchas, brachos 45a, pesachim (forgot where exactly) invei hagefen beinvei hagefen regarding a kohein that marries a kohenes.

    So, being as how a child’s righteousness or wickedness is certainly not contingent on the parent’s, what difference does yichus make?


    R Dessler – it gets you a higher initial position on a sulam Yaakov, but it is up to you whether you’ll go up or down from there.

    Sam Klein

    If someone is fortunate to come from a high level yichus family of tzaddikim then more is expected out of him on a higher level than a regular average person.

    Someone who comes from the yichus of a family of business building is expected to when getting married build his own company or join his father billion dollar company as a high officer in the company. More is expected out of Jared Kushner not just for the big rich business that Hashem has helped him build but also because he is the son in law of previous president Donald Trump and hopefully future president of 2024 if Mashiach is not here already before then


    Just the thought of millions of tefillos and tears our forfathers shed that their children and great-great grandchildren till the end of days shall be Talmidei Chachamim and Yirei Shomayim… is good enough a reason to want to marry into a family with Yichus. It means their grandparents were connected to Hashem and knew what was important!

    another point is that good Middos travel down to the forcoming generations.
    mazel tov and may all those searching find their Bashert easily!


    Lots of things impact a person’s overall spiritual state. What determines how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are is entirely in the realm of bechirah, but the spiritual levels that one attains and/or is born into depend on a lot of other factors – kavanah b’shaaz tashmish, yichus, upbringing, and many others. A kid who is a ben niddah and a mamzer that grows up in a drug home is not born a rasha, and can become a big tzadik by making the right choices, but he is spiritually impaired and has a defect because of his circumstances.

    It’s kind of like the difference between a malaach and a person. A malaach is objectively on a highway spiritual plane than a person, but a person is greater because of their ability to reject evil and choose good. So too, a baal yichus is greater in their objective spiritual level, but if they don’t shteig, they are not as good of a person or as important to Hashem as a person born to disadvantageous circumstances who rises above those inhibitions to follow Hashem and His Torah.


    AAQ: Many frum yidden with substantial yichus still don’t endorse Sulam Yaakov dance hierarchy


    How it works out in modern social environment. If you see that too many people with yichus turning out to be the most worthy heirs of their fathers, it may be an indication of weakened tradition of merit rather than zechus of yichus,. After all, a teacher in a modern institution may have hundreds of students… if he is a good teacher, it is likely that at least one of that hundred will be better than a son.


    There is a big difference between perceived yichus and just knowing where you came from.
    I don’t come from anyone who was a well-known Rav. But I know that my grandparents were amazing people. They were Holocaust survivors who kept their emunah and bitachon. They came to America and built a family of frum, ehrlich people. I wish I’d have a quarter of the faith that they had. To me, that is good yichus.
    My Rebbe, R’ Bender, held my grandmother in such high esteem. He still sometimes speaks to me about her, and how amazing she was. I have pictures of him at some of my family’s simchas, where he made sure to go to the women’s side to wish her a Mazal tov. He’d sit at her table just to speak with her for a few minutes.
    That’s yichus that is worth something.


    As my rebbe says- yichus is like a bunch of zeros. If you’re also a zero, then you just have a string of zeros. But if you’re a 1, and you put that in front of your string of yichus zeros, then you’re ten, or a hundred, or a thousand. Yichus enhances a tzadik, but it doesn’t create one.


    @OP, Any reason you are raising this subject? you seem pretty bitter about it.

    Reb Eliezer

    I heard that about chochma and yirah. Chochma is zeroes and yiirah is one. Yirah has to come first.

    anonymous Jew

    Look at Esav’s parents. So much for yichus

    Reb Eliezer

    The Mayanei Shel Torah in the name of Rebbi Meir of Premishlan explains, zeh keli veanvehu, if one recognizes Hashem on his own, is beautiful elokei avi vaaromemenhu but if he relies on his father’s accomplishment is only an aggrandizement, gaiva.


    Two things never impressed me, 1 Yichus 2, Money, one was decided by hashem before that person was born and the money was allocated on Rosh Hashanah


    the gemara says that everything a child has comes from either his father or mosher – end of sukah. see also tanya last page of chapter 2, that explains that the livush of the child depends on the holyness of the parents when the child was conceived, but the level of neshama not necessarily. see also raoshis chochma shaar hakdush.
    see also sh”u that a child from parents who did not keep taharas hamishpacha can have a pgam in his middos, also the gemara says that if when the child was conceived the parents did not have shalom bayis, destracted by other people, drunk that can effect the middos of a child.
    very important who the parents are, but children can always do teshuvah or the opposite. chitas and osios hatorah has a great effect of the neshama even if there is issues with the yichus.


    Being in the Soros family, any criticism of Soros is automatically accused of being antisemitism so he must be the ultimate example of a yid.


    I come from huge yichus and I don’t fully understand it. But one thing I know is that I can do huge things with it if I’m a one and add it to all the zeros from the yichus.

    Money is fully what hashem decides yichus is also what hashem decides but you can’t change it whether you want or not.

    Reb Eliezer

    For this reason a tzadik ben tzadik is greater than a tzadik ben rasha, as one must live up to the father.

    square root of 2

    Thank you avira, Always, and others who offered good answers. To summarize, the classic allegort of someone born on top of a mountain versus someone born at the foot of the mountain.
    But then Pinchas, who one way or the other surely was at the top of the mountain, should not have needed his yichus to represent him. Would a better rebuttal of the scoffers have been who he himself was?

    square root of 2

    sorry to others who also gave good answers but I didn’t mention by name. I didn’t remember everyone by the time I replied, but you still have my gratitude.


    common: Two things never impressed me,

    you and rav Yehuda … I think we discussed how he made fun of someone being introduced based on yichus : if he deserves it, no need to mention it, and if he does not, it is worse for him

    I know someone with a great yichus, gradually reducing over generations, and I have a feeling that he would be happier having a different name


    @AAQ, I happened to have some pretty heavy yichus, I never made any kiss certain body parts because i had heilger zeides


    > I never made any kiss

    that is not the question, the question is – do you sometimes have second thoughts before pressing a submit button – would your zeidy post that?

    Reb Eliezer

    As my rebbi, a person should constantly say, mosai yagia massai lemasei avosai, when will my deeds reach my father’s deeds.

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