Whats with the off-the-derech teens?!?!

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    we cant judge each teen because all of them have different causes for going off. for example, family problems, peer pressure ext. all of these kids are good kids its just they werent strong enough to deal with watever was going on in there lives and rebelling was thier outlet. we shouldnt be discussing how bad they are and how its crazy that so many teens r off the derech, we should be thinking of ways to help them.


    HL -“the smartest are sitting in yeshiva (yes, along with hypocrits who dont understand, bla bla) because a smart person will see the smartest, most logical, beautiful thing in the world-Hashem and Torah.”

    And people who left Yeshiva and are making a Parnossa don’t see Hashem and Torah?!?! And they are all dumb too!?!?!


    The SMARTEST people are those who have learned how to combine sincere Torah learning WITH earning a parnassah.

Viewing 3 posts - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)
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