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    And here is a modern orthodox perspective on intermarriage:

    In a lecture at Yeshiva University in 1988, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein unequivocally stated his opposition to retaining ties with a family member who has intermarried. He explained that a Jew who has chosen to intermarry has “crossed a Rubicon” and has turned his back on the Jewish people, whose survival depends on Jews marrying Jews and raising Jewish children who will continue the heritage of our ancestors.

    Rav Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg (Teshuvot Seridei Eish 2:6 in the original edition) says that one who has married a non-Jewish woman, whom we certainly according to Halacha are obligated to excommunicate to discourage such behavior, has the status of one who has been excommunicated.


    “He is a good man.”

    Does he require the cherrybim-seal-of-approval?

    “When it comes to p’sak din, a Rav must hear both parties before issuing a decision.”

    Is there someone seeking a psak din to an actual ongoing situation in this forum, or are we discussing general rules? And who are the “both sides” in any case?

    “Also, he will be informed as to the name of the Gadol I am referring to.”

    And why would he care to know?

    Now that you know which Rav I got my information from, we are still waiting to hear which Rav you got yours. (And perhaps you’d care to comment of the Gemorah/Rambam on the previous page, as well as the quotes from Rav Aharon Lichtenstein and Rav Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg above.)



    I demolished your arguments halachicly point by point at every turn. You are out of air. When halachicly cornered, you asked for a Rav and I provided it, and you had NO ONE. Then I quoted you the Gemorah, Rambam, and specific named Poskim. And you still had no one. Couldn’t even name a Rav who agrees with your anti-halachic statements. You are not worth arguing with as you will not admit wrong however wrong you are openly proven.


    Once again cherybim gets caught red-faced.


    “Marrying a non-Jew is one of the most cardinal sins a Jew can commit”

    Tell THAT to Esther HaMalkah. (I am being facetious, so don’t bombard me with a response). There are three cardinal sins that a Jew should NEVER commit 1) Avoda Zara

    2) Shfichus dam and 3) giluy arayos.

    A Jew should not marry a non-Jew, but sometimes it happens, chalilah. The idea is to try and keep the lines of communication open. People divorce their spouses, they do teshuva, they change their minds. If they don’t and if the wife is the Jewish partner, all their children are ALSO Jews. Are you prepared to treat a Jewish child as the product of a cardinal sin because his father is a non-Jew? If the husband however is the Jew, there is a greater problem, obviously. But it is not so simple in this day and age to dismissively say “all contact must be broken off,” and “sit shiva for them.” It is unrealistic to think that a Jewish mother in this day and age could easily do that regarding her child. Better to examine what is lacking in our frum society, to cause a Jewish child to seek out non-Jews for socializing purposes.

    Chuck Schwab

    cherrybim dude, why did you ask for the name of a Rav? Thought you planned on calling?? Cold-feet? joseph’s arguments are quite convincing, and you haven’t even taken a serious dab at disputing his points.



    Address the points regarding intermarriage rather than engage in ad hominems.

Viewing 7 posts - 101 through 107 (of 107 total)
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