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    i think that being referred to as “Frum” or “Very Frum” is the highest order of a compliment. Though it abused so often and said with negativity or condescension. IDEALLY one’s so-called frumness is how one perceives themselves and their relationship with Hashem and involvement in a Torah lifestyle. Nu, so why do people react so defensively when called “frum?” What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that where we should ALL be striving? Looking at our own relationship with Hashem, being aware of our personal flaws and how we can give Hashem more nachas, how I can accept Hashem’s presence and Will in my life and make room for it and connect to it? Isn’t that what frumkeit is all about? Do correct me if I’m wrong. So what’s with the stigma? I just realized that alot of it has to do with our ‘putting people into boxes’ or judging others in relation to where we are holding. I feel that it’s sorta natural, though not so right, to think of people as ‘more’ or ‘less’ of something than ourselves. Probably to make ourselves feel better, to justify our own actions, instead of facing ourselves.

    Nota Bene: Please THINK before posting. I envision this thread as thought-out and not petty un-thinking comments. Thanks:)

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