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    Whats your opinion of Ryan Braun who was suspended for steroids and is Not-Halachically Jewish (His father is jewish) , but does identify as being jewish, so it does affect us unfortunatly


    He cheated he lied about cheating his so called apology that was released a couple days ago is a joke he is the Anthony Weiner of baseball.


    He’s a goy trying to pass himself off as a super-assimilated Jew.


    Ive heard Anthony Weiners mother isnt jewish either

    YW Moderator-42

    Jason Marquis is Jewish. Unfortunately, he is injured for the season.

    On a related note, I once met Tamir Goodman.


    Ike Davis is jewish too, His mother is Jewish.

    But Ryan Braun is the Hebrew Hammer


    I think its sad that Braun used steroids and that he lied about it. I still think hes a really good player and i still like him.


    “I think its sad that Braun used steroids and that he lied about it. I still think hes a really good player and i still like him.”

    He cheated to get an unfair competitive advantage against his fellow players. And then he lied about it. There is no way to atone for this. How many pitchers’ careers did he and his fellow steroid users ruin?

    I’m not charedi. But the example of Braun, and the examples of A-Rod (which will push Braun off the front pages), Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Steve Garvey, and others’ who were lionized as heroes and proved not to be what they claimed to be shows that the charedi leaders who criticize base popular culture are 100% right. There are many great athletes who are good people. But the hero-worship that they receive is completely contrary to Torah principles. We worship HaShem, not humans, and the humans we admire are those who are exemplars of midot.

    I would say this whether the athlete is Jewish or non-Jewish.


    charlie- well put


    mod 42- in camp simcha?



    pitchers also have used steriods and other performance enhancing drugs… IE Bartolo Colon (suspended 50 games last year was an all star this year for Oakland)

    and who said anything about worshiping these players. I feel Braun is a fun player to watch because he was a true 5 tool player. True he took steroids and lied about it but that doesnt take away his hand eye coordination or his ability to read pitchers to steal bases or his natural talent in making excellent defensive plays.

    Also can you bring an example of 1 pitcher whos career was ruined by hitters using steroids?

    Rav Tuv

    Charlie, What does Steve Garvey have to do with steroids?

    Utah, 5 tool player ? PEDES, HGH, THG, testosterone, amphetamines. Yes Ryan Braun is a 5 tool player.


    I read a column by a sportswriter who described the moment his “hero worship” of athletes began to crack. He was ten years old and he really looked up to Mickey Mantle. Then his father said to him, “What do you think Mickey Mantle does when he’s not playing baseball?” and the boy said, “Well, he probably spends his time practicing and training.” His father laughed and said, “No, he goes into bars and picks up women.”

    It is so sad to see young children obsessing over these men and setting them as role models when, in reality, they are anything but.



    5 tools means he can hit for power and average, run, field, and throw


    Braun is to Bonds as Rose is to Jackson.

    Garvey is to Garvey.

    Rav Tuv

    Utah, You missed my point and joke. Braun is a cheater. Pure and simple. If MLB was serious about steroids they would ban theses players. If players had to deal with a lifetime ban on the first positive test, they would rid the sport of steroids.

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