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    the line “the only thing to fear is fear itself” is so true as i realized. its like waiting to get a shot. the waiting is more scary than the little prick…

    Not everything in life is as relatively painless as a pinprick. There are some things in life that are very real, very painful and very worthy of being feared.

    The Wolf


    I am Bump™ing thisthread in honor of Song of Blessing!



    I have a serious fear of heights. Whenever we drive over a bridge, my husband knows he has to move into a middle lane. I literally grip the seat from fear! It’s totally irrational. We once drove on an elevated highway (2,000 feet high) on vacation. I was laughing and crying from stress on the way “going” and had to lay down in the back seat returning to avoid seeing my surroundings.


    I’m petrified of vertigo. of all things i learned in nursing school, I’m scared of that. go figure


    I’m afraid of sleeping with my pillow the wrong side up. Someone might come out of the flap in middle of the night…


    maskingtape, that is ultra funny!!! What do you do if the opening is n the side?



    Song of Blessing

    LOL thanx SiDi

    Ya so still scared of the dark

    and earthquakes make me queezy


    <hiding under table> I’m scared of posting here. What if someone knows me. Scary thought.


    Don’t even ask how I stumbled upon this thread! And no, I wasn’t looking for it for you! (I didn’t even know such a thread existed!)

    But anyways, your welcome!



    My fear is that a thread, which was posted on today, will just disappear off the CR. Just vanish! I when I Google search it, it shows up as the first result. But when I click on it, it bounces me to the CR home page!! This is freaky!! And there is NOTHING wrong with the thread!

    Now, can someone please tell me what happened to the Blanket orSheet thread?




    I have an insect phobia (including spiders). In E”Y whenever there was a dzhug in the house I’d totally panic. I usually managed to kill them myself (before I got married) and then had to ask a neighbor to help me take it out of the house. After I got married, my wife took over.

    Even when I was much younger, before I became frum, when I would watch Discovery Channel, I would always avoid the screen during commercial breaks, because you could never know if a huge image of an insect would suddenly appear on the screen. The few times that happened, I literally screamed so loud neighbors might have thought someone was trying to kill me.

    Second phobia: falling from stairs. No clue why – I wasn’t this afraid of stairs when I was younger. But in recent years, I have developed an extreme fear of falling from stairs, so I *never ever* walk on any stairs without holding on, and I walk quite slowly.


    Like Mommamia, I have developed (in recent years) a fear of going over bridges. It is irrational, and I used to LOVE going on bridges. Nothing ever happened to me on a bridge, I just basically woke up one day, afraid of being on one. It doesn’t stop me from traveling, but I also ask my hubby to drive in the center of the bridge.

    Many of the fears mentioned are not unexplainable. There are sound reasons to fear lightning, certain bugs, snakes, and MICE (a biggie with me). What is more unexplainable might be a fear that inerferes with one’s ability to live life and enjoy it.



    The crazy thing is that I used to love going on the biggest, fastest roller coasters at Great Adventure. You couldn’t get me off of them. Now, you can’t get me on them. Go figure!


    up until recently i never was scared of heights. Now i only go bungee jumping off low bridges. (sigh) I dont get it, i used to love jumping from tall buildings or cliffs, and now…the thrill….it’s gone, replaced by a….a fear of anything over 13 hundred feet. (sniff) I dont get it, i just dont get it!



    I have a new, unexplainable fear:




    The crazy thing is that I used to love going on the biggest, fastest roller coasters at Great Adventure. You couldn’t get me off of them. Now, you can’t get me on them. Go figure! “

    Gam ani. There was nothing that scared me in amusement parks as a teenager/young adult. The higher the better, the faster the more fun. Now, my speed is the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Carousel. Don’t even THINK about the Gravitron.


    I am terrified of clowns. They are SO freaky- with white faces and big frozen painted on smiles! Huge clompy shoes… AH they freak me out!




    stickers (not joking)


    When I was a teenager I would always ALWAYS peek behind the shower curtain to make sure nobody was there, before I used the bathroom.


    i start a new thread with a fantastic topic, and a great conversation peice to lead the way, and all of a sudden my thread is hijacked by trolls…*shudder*


    I think most of the fears mentioned above are explainable.

    Here are mine-

    Elevators- being stuck in one

    Highway Driving- accidents (anyone know what helps this fear?).


    Bugs. I can’t explain why.


    Swimming in an ocean.


    I used to be scared of the dark. But then i thought the reason i am scared is because benig scared of the dark is being scared of the unknown – and i know everything.


    Bears and crocodiles. I’ve had close encounters with both, and it was terrible! (crocodile/alligator – whatever those things are in the water in Florida)

    I work in an environment where I have to go down to the basement of the building a lot to get stuff. The light has been broken so I use a flashlight. There is an old well – like thing in the darkest corner down there, and I was stupid enough to shine my flashlight into it. Curious I guess. There were hundreds of spiders…climbing up and down the walls. Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders!


    Too many to count…

    But especially, I am petrified of embarrassment. It’s pretty paralyzing sometimes. You know how mortification is related to the word for death? I get it.

    I’m also unusually scared that something will happen and I won’t be able to save all of the kids. Read a story about a siren in Israel that the father couldn’t carry all the little kids at once and get to safety in time so he left the baby who would be the least likely to remember being left alone in the car and too young to understand what the siren means, and just davened that nothing would happen… B”H nothing did. But that thought is terrifying to me.


    I wouldn’t be able to explain what it is , that would defeat the purpose


    Having a thread I started [closed].

    Having a post I worked on [deleted] (or worse, [edited]).

    Someone taking something I wrote, out of context.


    Someone taking something I wrote, out of context.

    What do you mean you want the mods to close this thread!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh gosh – it happens to you too?!




    Yeah, truly unexplainable!


    I used to be so scared of driving under tunnels cuz i thought they would go on forever and i would be stuck in them… also so scared of getting stuck in elevators then i have people telling me that they were stuck in one! Its not fun! Another unexplainable fear is that when i go into annother persons bathroom i lock and unlock the door to make sure it works and the door doesnt get stuck on me! I also do it with seatbelts altbough it doesnt make sense cuz if i try to unlock it the first time and its locked still then it wont be very fun!

    Letakein Girl

    I have this really creepy fear:

    You know at night when you’re in bed and it’s too hot under your blanket, and too cold to be without one? So the optimal solution in that case would be to stick your feet out while leaving the rest of your body underneath the blanket, right? I have this fear that someone will come and chop my feet off. 🙂 totally irrational, yet logic hasn’t changed the fact that I am very often hot at night.

    Also, I’m terrified of enclosed water slides. I’m not sure what motivates that fear- it can be the absolute darkness, or just claustrophobia. Either way, the last time I was on one, I came off pale and shaking.


    got stuck in an elevator as a child so not too keen on those…but dogs are my biggest fear!!

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