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    when a frum Israeli makes Nazi references about the Israeli government, when a frum Israeli makes Nazi references about the Israeli government ……..

    when a general in the idf says it, well….

    “An unusual remark was made by a senior military official regarding harassment and incitement against haredi recruits.

    “The phenomenon and its style are as serious as the Der Sturmer (Nazi propaganda newspaper) attacks,” said Brigadier-General Gadi Agmon, head of planning in the IDF’s Personnel Directorate, during an open discussion at the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.”

    outrage. I’m sure.


    This is why besides math and English, logic should also be taught in Charedi schools.


    Looking at leading hiloni websites makes it very hard not to see the similarities to Der Sturmer. The truth is that the hilonim see the hareidim the same way the Germans saw the Jews. Ha-Shem had to level their cities and kill all their leaders in order to get them to act in a civil way (while we should thank the Americans and Brits for their contribution, it was Ha-Shem pulling the strings) – we should hope the hilonim will do tseuvah before they get their inevitable “reward” for oppressing the Bnei Torah.


    Oppressing bnei Torah?

    You are really out of your mind.

    Nowhere, nowhen, nohow else has Torah flourished than under the generosity of the State of Israel.

    Instead of being thankful, you are hateful and then you wonder why the chilonim don’t want to give in to all the charedi demands and fake halachos.


    I guess we should thank the pre-war Lithuanian government for all the Torah that flourished in Lita. After all, if Torah flourished there the Lithuanians must have been party to its success.



    so it’s ok for the idf to make Nazi references? aa


    temimus, compare the Lithuanian government’s contributions to Torah versus the Israeli government. Last I checked being makir tov was still a requirement.

    yitzchokm, again, this is why logic is a necessary requirement.


    It is never appropriate to make a Nazi comparison (except maybe in describing Soviet Russia or Pol Pot and other mass murders).


    Calling those who hurt Charaidim “Nazis”, “Amalek” or “Haman” is bad. I agree with this, no matter who does the name calling.

    The general should certainly be repremanded. Jews don’t compare other Jews to Der Sturmer, even if it is seculars hurting Charaidim.



    forgive me for being daft, but first off, why do we need to be “makir tov” the israeli government? yes, i understand we need to be makir tov the egyptians. on that same note i’d understand the need to be makir tov the israeli regime.

    otherwise, why would i be makir tov the zionists? for trying to prevent 17 year olds from learning? for secularizing and turning away MILLIONS of jews?

    we were much better off before the zionists and their perverted ways.

    getting back to the topic, when frum jews see parallel between lapid or anyone of his goons and the 1930’s attitude toward frum jews the pc police go nuts.



    It’s ironic that you should lecture one about learning logic when you so often fail at even the most basic attempts thereof.


    Please explain.


    I remember during “Basic Training” when a Sergeant claimed that “he had methods worse than Hitler”… But when I commented later that he really was like Hitler, boy did I get into trouble…

    They are total Hippocrates- on one hand they want the frum to “share the burden”, but on the other they have no interest in accommodating them. In was this way 30+ years ago when I was in the service and it’s only gotten worse. At least we weren’t forced to listen to women singing…

    To quote (or very close to a quote)a well know Rov, far from extremist- the difference between the Zionists and Reform-

    The Reform wished to remove Tzion from the Siddur

    The Zionists wished (and still do) to remove the Siddur from Tzion


    “It is never appropriate to make a Nazi comparison (except maybe in describing Soviet Russia or Pol Pot and other mass murders).”

    I might add Nazi wannabes like David Duke, but the point is very well taken!


    It’s wrong for chareidim, it’s wrong for chilonim, and it’s wrong for YWN CR posters. There is no double standard. It applies to all. All segments of Jewish society need to stop comparing Jews to Nazis. Whoever does so is guilty of trivializing the Holocaust.


    Comparing Jews to Nazis is typically not a good policy or advisable course of action. It trivializes the memory of the 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews who were systematically exterminated by that wicked regime.

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