when do you star planning for shabbos?

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    i try early in the week so it gives me something to look forward too. also that way i dont get stuck in the rush. in my house there is no “erev shabbos rush”


    I heard about a group of women who committed to being totally prepared for Shabbos by 1pm. Beautiful, in my opinion.


    1pm in the summer, 12pm in the winter. Their point is to be ready by chatzois.

    always here

    on Tues.- I start thinking about what I’m going to make.

    on Wed.- I think some more 😉 & make my e-mail grocery order.

    on Thurs.- especially with these short Shabbosim, I’ll start some of my cooking.

    on Fri. morning- I’ll finish up my cooking, but usually still have something in the oven or on the stove… to be put on the blech right before Shabbos by my husband.

    I’ve been trying to light candles a few minutes early in the zechus of certain cholim whose names have been sent by friends, (& Klal Yisroel).


    that is so nice to light nairos early in the zchus of cholim, I should do that.

    If it’s just the family I start planning shabbos on wednesday, shop and cook on thursday, and do salads on friday along with setting the table and cleaning up the kitchen/house. If I am having company I start earlier…


    I heard a Shiur from a prominent Rebitzen that we should start planning for Shabbos,Motzoei Shabbos. When we wash the dishes from lunch we should say “Lichovod Shabbos Kodesh” so that we do something everyday for the next Shabbos. We have to wash the dishes anyway, the tablecloth etc. so why not get the added mileage of saying that it is for Shabbos.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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