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    a shadcan is coming to my community in a few weeka and its going to be my first time meeting with one, so can anyone gives me a heads up on what questions to expect (as a girl)? also, does it matter that im sephardi or should i go to only sephardi shadchanim? thanx!


    be honest

    NY Mom

    She will want to know all the basic pertinent information about you. Many people actually have this typed up and are able to hand it, fax it, or email it to whomever they wish. They have begun to refer to this as a shidduch resume. This usually includes name, address and phone #, information regarding education, family, employment, shul affiliations, Rabbis to whom you are connected, and some references – names and telephone #s of people who know you and can vouch for you, your family, and your good character. Oh…and the type of guy you are looking looking for.

    I think that covers it. You might want to get this type of info together before the shadchan comes.

    Hope that helps! Hatzlacha rabbah and may you find your zivug hagun b’karov.


    snowy: welcome to the CR! i see your new here! just giving you a heads up here–

    Joseph is being sarcastic, because of a bunch of threads on age gapes that we have here that go in circles!

    Hatzlacha & keep your head up high!


    Someone emailed me this as a basic outline for a shidduch resume- check if it covers everything.

    Full Name, (what your called (optional))


    Home Phone

    Parent’s Cell(s) -so the shadchan can reach your parents

    Your Cell-(optional)

    Email Address


    Date of Birth





    Seminary/Yeshiva/Bais Medresh

    College/Graduate School/Vocational School/Training


    Community involvement/Chesed/Volunteer work:

    Name, Phone number, what you do

    Camp, Name

    Bungalow Colony/Vacation/Summer Home, Name (if applicable)

    Shul, Rav, Phone number


    Father(name), occupation

    Mother(name),(maiden name), occupation

    Sibling- name, age, what they do?(school, college,etc.),spouse’s name(if applicable)

    each sibling

    Machatonim- Name,Phone number (if applicable)


    Name, how you know them- (Rav,Rebetzin,Family friends,Neighbors,Teachers/principals from seminary/yeshiva/H.S, Friends preferably married,Co-workers,boss etc.)

    phone number for each reference

    It’s important when you choose references be careful to choose people you trust and really know you well!! Also try to choose people who are good speakers- the key is that the people calling should be impressed with you!

    Looking for spouse who?,Looking for Family who?

    What your plans are?,What kind of person you are?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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