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    On yeshivaworld there is a article about rav edelstein saying to celebrate simchas torah in a way that will not endanger public health..

    Why don’t we keep strict social distancing/wearing of masks, where are the kol koreis, why are we hearing more from the doctor and the politician and why are we only reacting instead of proactive

    The little I know

    Simple answer. The doctor presents his/her own professional opinion. For every one that pushes the masks, there’s at least one that doesn’t believe in them. The politician has an agenda that may well have little connection to truth, science, fact, public health, or the welfare of the constituents.

    The gedolim are issuing something akin to a psak halacha. They must obtain untainted facts before doing so. That is a solid explanation for their silence.


    I was in a place in the summer with 4 different shuls. One of them had every second table taped closed. And only every third chair available. And when it was necessary added a minyan out in the yard.


    It’s not opinion. There is not more than one doctor who “doesn’t believe in [masks]” for every one doctor who does. These are not theories like global warming or other such things, these are actual scientific facts of things that actually do happen. The sky is blue. Blinds and shades block sunlight and stop people from looking in, and masks stop your viral shedding from flying 6-25 feet across the room just as it severely diminishes any viral load you inhale.

    besod emuna

    The Gedolim are directing their kehilos as they always properly and correctly do.

    Since their instructions doesn’t generate clicks, they websites and news don’t report about it.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Torah tells us to listen to doctors regarding Yom Kippur, see O’CH 618, where if the person says he does not need to eat, we listen to the doctor.


    @RebEliezer – interesting comparison. I recall it is also if patient says that he needs to eat, we listen to him too. In modern terms, doctor knows statistics for general population; the patient himself knows himself best. I do not recall an option to consult a tzadik. .. So, you can either listen to CDC or be more careful.

    R Meir Twersky addresses an additional question in his teshuva – when there is a new unfamiliar disease, it is not enough to listen to one doctor as information is not certain. Also, do not listen to politicians, as they have their own political reasons that are not the same as our standard on saving lives.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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