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    Today, there was yet another anti semitic attack on a shabbos. This time, right on Ave J, in the heart of Flatbush. Where are our leaders? Where is today’s Meir Kahana, to help mobilize our communities to protect ourselves? Why should the police care, when our own communal leaders do not seem to care? Why do the powerful men in our community act tough, and take a
    stand on trivial issues, but remain silent when we are under attack? WHY DO WE SEEM TO BE COWERING IN FEAR, WHILE WE ARE BEING ATTACKED?


    Sam Klein

    Cause right now at today’s tumah technology and internet generation, we sadly need constant horrific wake up calls to start waking up to do teshuva so mashiach can come.

    BUT SADLY this is not doing the trick so even the most powerful leaders can’t stop it since what really has to be done to make all this come to a full halt is TESHUVA

    May we all wake up and face reality to today’s situations in klal Yisroel and do teshuva together ASAP


    Grey matter

    Sam I don’t think student was asking our opinion on why Hashem chooses to run the world the way he does. I think he’s question is why don’t we try harder to advocate for ourselves



    What exactly should “our leaders” do that we can’t do ourselves? Anyone can step up and set an example to follow.


    ☕️coffee addict


    Because Klal Yisroel aren’t grandstanders like al sharpton

    We know we’re in galus


    Sam Klein

    Our leaders should have already a long time ago-after see8my soooooo much non stop horrific tragedies hit klal Yisroel and never stop R”L- immediately brought klal Yisroel together to a time of serious teshuva, Kinnus and Taanis like Mordechai Hatzadik did in the days of the Purim miracle
    and the king on Nineveh did when Yonah Hanavi was sent there ordering a decree for the entire city of no eating or drinking is allowed in the city with everyone doing teshuva and if anyone breaks the law they will be punished.

    May this happen very soon ASAP so that Hashem should not need to put upon us any more tzaros in order to wake us all up to national teshuva together as a nation so mashiach can come aleady.


    Sam Klein

    How could ANYONE-for sure a leader-sit in Denial and not facing reality, as our brethren are sitting suffering in pain as they are mourning over their lost one’s murdering by terrorists or many other ways? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

    1)stop the talking in shul and being mevazeh the house of Hashem as we also look at our phones during davening.

    2)say tehillim with heart and feeling

    3)bring the unity back to klal Yisroel together as one loving nation, and do something together to bring a COMPLETE HALT to all the suffering in klal Yisroel today.

    4)stop the lashon hara and sinas chinam happening all over klal Yisroel

    5)be more serious about your tznius and how it makes an effect on everyone around you.
    May all these help to bring mashiach very soon and stop all suffering in klal Yisroel



    Student: What exactly do you want the “leaders” to do?

    Instead of posting in the Coffee Room , call Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol, 718-338-9797, and tell them you want to volunteer.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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