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    You would think some Gazaians know where the hostages are kept.
    So where are the good Gazaians who simply have to make one phone call to the Israelis and inform them where the hostages are? Or, even better, drive the hostages to the nearest Israeli outpost.
    And don’t tell me they’re afraid to be caught, the same fear had the righteous during the Shoa and acted heroically anyway..


    > So where are the good Gazaians who simply have to make one phone call to the Israelis and inform them where the hostages are?

    how do we know that is not how they found recent hostages? or targeted some of the hamas leaders? whatever info is in the papers is not necessarily accurate, and for a good reason.

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    Gaza is a lot smaller than Germany


    I’m guessing in some of the rescue cases, it was a Gazan who tipped off the IDF. We wouldn’t be told for the saftey of that individual.

    There is for sure so much going on behind the scenes in this war, the ZMAN will have 25 years of material once everything is revealed.


    Would there ever be a Righteous Yid who would be Moiser Nefesh to save a Gentile?
    But yet, not withstanding, there definitely were righteous gentiles during WWll.


    Hamas would have hanged them, probably a long time before, as spies or collaborators.


    There were some times news of Hamas executing collaborationists. There is a son of Hamas founder who lives in England and writes books and gives speeches against Hamas. For comparison, when Americans liberated Iraq, there were lots of insurgents in the news, but there were also thousands and thousands of Iraqis who worked closely with Americans. When you read the news that an ISIS or Saddam insurgent bombed a line to the police station – that means there were hundred of Iraqis standing in line to get a police job. [I am paraphrasing RE Silver story about someone who was selling siddur in German camps]


    Most Gazans support Hamas. There are very , very, very, righteous gentiles there. If there were Hamas would not exist. The Gazans are not some pushover group that is willing to docilly accept a government they don’t want. They aren’t a risk or avoidant of armed conflict group either.

    That said, in fairness there is no comparison between Gaza and Germany. For one the Nazis allowed a lot more free speech than Hamas does. and monitored the behavior of those who were of Aryan descent far less than Hamas. In Germany if someone of Aryan descent was making a barbeque and spent the time sounding off against the Nazis, nothing would have happened to him, his phones would not have been tapped afterwards. They certainly did not tap phones of random Aryans. That isn’t the situation in Gaza.

    Secondly, virtually every righteous gentile that I have read about was either (1) anyway a resistance fighter whose life was in constant or (2)someone who was risking their life for a long term friend or neighbor, not some random Jew who knocked on their door or (3)someone who headed a large organization with little government supervision that enabled them to save Jews. How many Gazans fit into any of those three profiles?


    smerel: The Palestinian governments (included Hamas, which is the elected government of Gaza) have both tight control over their territory, plus the advantage that anyone who is going to object is likely to have left the country rather than being executed (which was not really an option in Germany once the war began, especially for citizens of Axis or occupied countries). Also both Gaza and West Bank (areas under Palestinian control) are Judenrein.


    Are you for real?

    There are NO civilians in gaza.


    WSJ sent one of their arab stringers to interview the neighbors. Their main complaint is that Hamas should keep hostages underground and not risk their (neighbors’) lives! of course, this might be what they say in public… Anyway, it appears that the houses were pretty flimsy, so neighbors do not sound believable that they “had no idea”. Thus, it well maybe that Hamas members presumed that they can rely on 100% support from their neighbors, but someone still spilled the information.


    I’m sure there are individuals who might want to help for moral, political, or monetary reasons. Very likely, they already did reach out with information. Knowing where a hostage is kept does not guarantee being able to get them out. And I sure hope that there is more going on than is publicized.

    Obviously, hostages aren’t being kept in the homes of the Chasidei Umos Haolam, so they can’t take them anywhere.

    There must be multiple levels, ranging from involvement and reluctant involvement to passive, indifferent, discomfort, theoretical disagreement and opposition.


    I have the same query when I hear of Jews being kept or murdered in apartment buildings in Paris. No neighbor ever complains or calls the police. Ever.

    I do not know about Hamas ruling Gaza, but the moderate PLO faction headed by Abbas has a law against calling Jews. Penalty of Death. Correct me if I am wrong. But it would be illegal to call and be righteous. Being righteous is against the law.


    This simply not true. Many jews have gone out of their way to help and save non jews . In the 1960’s the most vocal advocate for balck rights were jews. There are numerous cases of those.


    yes we never know. But I’d be shocked if a random Palestinians called israel out of the good of their heart to tell Israel where Hostage’s are. Most in the neighborhood didn’t even know. And i think you have way to much faith. More likely scenarios are that Israel pays informers. That doesn’t make palestianins good people. It makes them people looking for money. Palestinian good civillains in gaza don’t exist. Don’t kid yourself.

    The other two likley pointers are that
    1) israel has mossad agents on the ground roaming Gaza. (No doubt in my mind)
    2) Hamas messed up a little on this one because they posted a video of them so that they can brag. Israel has good satellite / AI intelligence that can decipher posted videos and figure out the location where it was taken.

    I think too many of you have good faith in Palestinians.


    Chaim, I hear what you are saying. Still, in the absence of evidence, I prefer to keep faith in people. Doesn’t mean that I will drive into their neighborhood, of course. Other than Rahav, I do not have many examples … I did see once, two American yeshivish suit dressed boys quarrelling a little in Old City. A passing by local Arab addressed them in English “Do not fight on Shabbat”. I told him “Shabbat Shalom” and he returned my greeting.

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