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    I have a moderate collection of miscellaneous used seforim that I would like to donate to a worthy mosad. It seems more difficult than one would imagine to find someone willing to take them.

    Does anyone have any ideas.


    K’sivah V’chasimah Tovah


    In Denver we have opened a new Beis Medrash. We are looking for Seforim however I would like to clarify 3 things. 1)Are you willing to ship it to Colorado? 2) What does “Miscellaneous” mean? 3) What does “Used” mean?

    Yehoshua Sova

    (303)316-6357 Office


    Isn’t there this site that buys used books? forgot what it’s called.



    Are you in NYC? Dr Jacques Doueck, who was my dentist years ago, and has his office on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, makes seforim available for his patients in the waiting room (and I hear he now makes video shiurim available for patients to watch during dental work!); while he is B”H very successful it would still be nice to ask him if he wants some of yours as he probably has little time to check up on what he has and update his collection.


    Thank you all for your posts.


    1) Used means not new but in conditions varying from almost new to average, but all perfectly usable. None in any worse condition than the avearge set of seforim that has been on the shelves of a bais medrash for several years.

    2) Miscellaneous means things like: a number of single gemaros of various mesechtos, divei Torah seforim, some assorted rishonim and achronim the kind of seforim that might fill a single bookcase of a baal habayis. (It is basically the seforim of a niftar which are for the most part duplicates of seforim his children already have, and would like to give away.)

    3) As for shipping, that sounds kind of expensive, do you know of anyone who might be able to transport them from Brooklyn?.


    Joseph S

    Very nice of you to do some thing like this.my name is yosef and I learn in a kollel in Brooklyn, Some of the Averchim might want to use them,please email at [email protected]


    shindy: are you refering to http://www.jewishusedbooks.com by any chance? (They pay you for the books & shipping)


    For brooklynites… on 14th avenue btwn 44th and 45th (I think)in boro park, theres a seforim store Pinters where they accept used seforim, try there… good luck!


    Thank you all for the suggetsions.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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