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    Hi all,

    I am looking to hire night Zoom Chavrusa for one hour every night ~8:30PM-9:30PM EST over Zoom. I have been learning in local Kollelim during second seder for the last 9 years, but I have decided to hire a Chavrusa because I wish to engage in specific limudim. I am looking to pay $50 per week.

    The limud will be contemporary halachic shailos and their relevant sugyas.

    I would love if anyone has any leads where I could post this. I have had success finding people in Eretz Yisroel through some email lists, but I don’t have any leads where to post it in the US.


    this is below minimal wage in NY,NJ, and many other states

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Was that supposed to be your helpful 2 cents? In some places it’s the going rate. He asked for a chavrusa, not a tutor.


    Aside from AAQ’s rather obvious point, even if you could find someone willing to engage at that level of compensation, what you pay for is more likely than not, what you will get.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Sheesh. He didn’t ask you for a critique (based on absolutely nothing relevant), he asked where to post it.
    Eliyahu, good for you. Good for you learning 9 years, good for you wanting more, and good for you taking the initiative to find it. May Hashem send you a chavrusa bkarov. Ignore the peanut gallery who can’t be bothered to compliment your initiative, criticism is do much easier, I guess.



    Syag is 100% correct My chavrusa learns with me for free. And there’s never been a thought of him being underpaid.


    AAQ – the money isn’t wages, it’s just a little matan schara betzidah; he would be learning anyway, but he is specifically learning with him… this sort of thing happens all the time.

    I’d recommend luach dot com for classified ads of this nature, or macherusa


    Try the Troller Kollel, its part of the Troller Yeshiva


    > In some places it’s the going rate.

    I am just trying to be helpful and warn the person to avoid violating labor laws. IL is also above it. Maybe FL qualifies – $10/hour. Also, Ohio among states with some learning population.

    It seems to depend on the state laws, whether a chevrusa will be an independent contractor (exempt from min wage and payroll taxes) or a hired worker. Sounds like if you select time, manner of learning, and a masechet – maybe he will be a worker … Maybe lawyers here will help.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh please. Can’t you just say sorry and move on?


    practical suggestion – move your time so that you can hire someone in Israel.


    Try chavrusamatch.com or have someone post signs in the shuls of Lakewood.Your request is not unrealistic in Lakewood especially if you broaden your search to include phone chavrusos You can put a classified ad in Vivaser a daily Lakewood simcha paper. Contact them at [email protected] BP weekly in Lakewood classified might get you one too. [email protected]


    Syag, could you clarify what you are objecting to? I pointed out that the request might be illegal if not done carefully. Are you saying that this is not an issue for the poster? Before you were accusing me of having low expectations of community standards, now you seem to do it yourself. Hope I mis-understood you.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I called you out for being unhelpful with unsolicited negativity so you bluff your way thru some legal ramble to try pretend you were really out for his best interest.
    My response was to let you know it wasn’t very convincing.


    Why do you need zoom which requires the internet which is looked down in some circules. Why not use a telephone torah program which already exists?


    Thank you for those of you who have sent in helpful suggestions, I posted on Lakewood’s Luach page, and I will look into the others. For further context I do have an afternoon chavrusa that I hired in Eretz Yisroel and it has been a very worthwhile decision. The way that I found him was actually through a post on a N’shei group, which is not the usual way that you would look for a chavrusa, and that is why I was asking for suggestions.

    As for the price, most of the time when I was in Kollel I did not receive anything from my Yeshiva because they required you to learn there as a bochur to get paid (I believe BMG does something similar) so an extra $2,500 per year is defintely helpful, espcially if you are learning anyways and could even probably chap another night seder afterwards.

    With regards to Zoom, I have noticed a sharp decline in my learning quality when I can’t see the person face to face, so if they don’t have internet, ashreichem, but it wouldn’t be a good shidduch for me.


    > when I can’t see the person face to face,

    I think this is an astute observation. I also noticed – for large group classes or meetings, video does not make much difference, but if you want to learn/discuss with 2-3 people, seeing person’s face is helpful – especially if people do not know each other or do not know each other well. “As there are no two same faces, there are no two same opinions” – and Zoom helps you see it immediately and naturally. Some psychologists say seeing your own face in Zoom is confusing for the brain, so experiment with looking only at the other person rather than gallery.

    Still, I urge you to get accounting or legal advice on how to make your payment. I do not believe your learning will get the brocha otherwise… Presumably, if the chevrusa can qualify as an independent contractor (controlling their effort, time) or as a charity recipient, then you would not owe taxes, and his will be low. Do not rely on my opinion, of course, even if you pay me $5/hour …

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