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    Oh Shreck!

    I’m sorry. I’m very unnerved, disappointed.

    Near my residence there was the “chasidishe” bus, trying to back up, as the street ahead was evidently blocked. As he was nearing the end, a hapless motorist tried to park on the side of this bus, not realizing he was making it harder for the bus driver to finish backing up. So this bus stops, a very young “chasidish” looking driver exits that bus, and proceeds to spew his frustration at that driver, in a way far more than a non Jew would. WOW! Such filthy language! Where did he pick that up?!? How low have we fallen? Isn’t a Jew supposed to act more refined, isn’t a mouth the mirror to one’s own Neshama?

    (yungatch, if you’re reading this – I mean YOU)

    Sorry, just had to let it out of me. It really disturbed me.


    I agree and it does not make frum Jews look very good

    in the secular world, anymore then would throwing trash out the car window or anything else that a person could do which is

    unrefined or ill mannered.

    Oh Shreck!

    That is true, but speech is the very essence of man. If he debases himself to dirty street talk then his very essence follows… sad.


    He learned it from either one or all of the following

    A Lipa video, The Jewish Press, The Beacon, VIN, Michael Savage, The J-Blogosphere, The Forward..etc

    Or my favorite reason why anything bad ever happens..the toyevahnicks or women with hemlines too short.


    I personally hate when so called “yeshivish” people use disgusting language when speaking to non-Jews. It’s as if they’re letting go of their standards at the time they need it the most!


    I bet you understood every word of it, so where did YOU learn it?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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