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    My children can never agree on one place to go to. What should we do? How do we satisfy all different ages and opinions?


    The zoo.



    The Beis Medrash or Bubies house


    Send each kid on his own to wherever they want.


    be a parent and make a decision.


    go to Dave and Busters on half price Wednesday
    you won’t see many other frum people if you are in the NY area…
    so don’t tell anyone, okay??

    Common sense person

    Chuck E. Cheese. Get a coupon online and go to one not in New Jersey. In NJ you only get 4 tickets per game. Check out Imagine That in NJ, The liberty Science Center, the ferry is free. Take a train ride and see the free entertainment. Take a train to Central Park . Sportime USA in Elmsford. Call before you go. I once went chol Hamoed Pesach and it was closed for a private event. Buy a bracelet for the rides. Well worth it. CALL FIRST. Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesday but VERY CROWDED. TAKE THE TRAIN THERE. train museum is nice. Also, check the hours. They aren’t open all the time. Hall of Science in Queens. Keep in mind to please call before you go anywhere. Hours and prices vary. Don’t get your hopes up and then go and be disappointed. The previous post about Dave & Busters is good . Only go on Wednesday. I might go too. See ya there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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