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    I just posted that question today, but now I can’t find it.

    What happened to my post??

    Oh, let’s guess – is yeshivaworld also run by the taliban, who has taken over every last drop of our blood & breath?

    Is there anywhere to run, so that I may recover my blood & breath?


    Where to find the non-existent forum?

    -In the new forum you’re about to create.

    Yeshivaworld is not run by the taliban etc. It’s just a moderated forum suitable for the “Yeshiva” type people. There are many other sites (like the one you’re about to open) for stuff that don’t conform to the general view of the YeshivaWorld’s readership.

    Not taliban in any way, just protecting us kiddies from anything that may r”l cause us to drop in our spiritual growth.

    Oh, I happen to have some spare blood and breath, come right over.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Do us a favor, after you open your own forum, come back and tell us so we can check it out. Just don’t use a direct link or the Taliban won’t let it through.


    The taliban didn’t take your question. Nor your breath. Maybe your blood… BTW, what was your question? If the taliban took it, where did they hide it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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