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    I was in Israel writing over my notes from that day’s Shiur when I heard about the terrorist attacks.

    I had just come home from learning when I heard about Osama Bin Laden’s, YM’S, death.

    Where were you?


    I was on the way to vote in the Sept. 11 primary and just before I went into the public school someone said a plane crashed into the WTC. I assumed it was a small plane and an accident. After voting, on the way home I saw smoke coming from Manhattan’s direction and realized it must be pretty bad.


    Thats an interesting thought..

    Ten years ago I was a little kid in elementary school when I heard about the attacks

    I recieved a text of OSB’s death while driving home..


    had I woken up on time – I would have been driving by when it happened. I left my house 15 minutes later then usual.

    I have been waking up late since then just in case


    I was in school when I heard about terrorist attacks. They didn’t tell us what was going on.

    I was at home when I found out he was dead. I saw it on YWN last night at 11 pm.


    I had just arrived at work in downtown Brooklyn, my coworkers told me that each tower had been hit we listened in disbelief as we heard about the towers falling, after leaving work not much after this reality set in i spent many hours on the streets waiting for the subway service to resume and watched the pillars of smoke across the water.

    always here

    9/11~ I was listening to the radio @ home.. paying close attention cuz I had just entered one of their contests & wanted to hear if I had won & if they were going to play the song I had requested.

    5/1~ I was down the block from my house @ a Sheva Brachas. I heard one of the men say ‘Bin Laden’s been killed’ & one of the other women said: ‘no, it was Gadaffi’s son.’ ..didn’t give it another thought (cuz I had already read about that here on YWN) ’til I got home & turned on my computer.


    I’m in trouble!

    I don’t have an alibi…


    i was in high school at the time.

    last night when i found out about Obama, I mean Osama, I was getting ready to go to sleep

    ☕️coffee addict

    In yeshiva just finishing shachris,

    at home trying to sleep

    always here

    actually, to elaborate on my 9/11 morning:

    I had our sort of old ‘cleaning man’ who speaks limited English over. throughout the morning I’m freaking out over the news & telling him in simple English, limited Spanish, Spanglish, hand motions, etc. what’s going on blow-by-blow… all morning long. then comes about noon & he calls his brother & comes back to tell me:’ did you hear about what happened?!’.. I literally wanted to bang my head against the wall that I had apparently been speaking to all morning!! :-O


    Beleive it or not I found out of OBL death from LSS’s thread here in the CR!!!


    i was in eighth grade…darn that ages me….anyways my teacher went to move her car at 10 to 10 and never came back…we sat in our seats shmoozing for about an hour until our teacher came back and told us to shut the windows and say tehillim…then the principle told us and the seventh graders what happened and when i got home i saw on tv what happened but i was to young to realize what a huge impact it made on american and world history…


    i was in the lower elementry grades and i remember my mother coming to pick me up from the bus stop even if it was at the corner of my block and that night i dreamt i was fighting the war in iraq…..lol


    I wasn’t born yet.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I wasn’t born yet.

    I wasn’t born yesterday either.


    Popa, are you talking about last night or now? I think you’d better hurry up and bear!


    I came home and my father was home from work – I was in 1st grade – when I heard about the 9/11 attack, I saw a replay on the news.

    OBL: I was getting ready for bed when my sister told me! I went to bed much later because of that!

    yossi z.

    9/11- I don’t remember where I was except that it was in boston so the most I think we had was a full school assembly

    5/1- I was at a friend’s house finishing up some last minute things I had to do

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    yeah so ppl know my id already so this is brand new sn 🙂


    i was in 2nd grade- one of the first few days of school and that morning it was super pretty outside and i asked my morah why we didn’t go outside for recess – and she never gave me an answer 🙁

    and then i went home and my parents told me.

    {no judging please} and then i wanted to watch tv and my older brother told me nothing was on – only the wtc news so i envisioned bugs bunny telling about the wtc


    i was studying for ap’s and went to take a break and went on YWN of course and then i googled it bkz it was so crazy and then waited 45 minutes for obama’s public statement instead of studying 🙁

    ☕️coffee addict


    It makes me feel old reading all these comments about being in grade school on 9/11


    mbachur, I feel the same way, I meen people here saying they were in 2nd grade? that makes me feel like a grandfather.



    i just wanted to tell the honest truth.

    you guys can’t be thatttt old


    Edited after i read more:

    C shapiro your not thattt old now right 🙂

    always here

    I sort of am ‘thattt’ old.. in 2001, my oldest child was 22 & my youngest was 12 :-O


    pish posh.

    so what you prop have grandchildren (?)

    the same age as my siblings.


    jewish unity

    wishywashy- i was also in second grade…except when we drove up they just told us to drive right back home bc skl was canceled…so even i knew something was wrong.

    Then last night i was doing the same thing as you-studying for AP (ironically) US history. Fortunately, i didnt feel the same need as you to listen to Obama:)


    on 9/11 I was in 7th grade and I remember my teachers trying not to cry and then we had an assembly where our principal told us.

    I was in the airport dropping off a family member when I saw on the tv screens that osama was killed and then right after my sister texted me.


    ahh twinziess.

    it wasn’t really obama it was the idea of the news itself —

    such a big major moment – and to say in the future oh, i was studying american history rather then living american history?

    that i couldn’t do.

    but then obama being obama– 45 minutes!


    wow… i had the impression some of the posters in here were older (s2021 and cshapiro) than they apparently are…

    and I don’t mean anything by that…


    I was on Park Row in Manhattan, a block away, when the towers fell.

    I was at home when I found about Osama bin Laden’s death.

    The Wolf


    gee thanks yid, i gtg brush my dentures now…seriously how old do i sound?


    In my office in Moscow reading the online news a few minutes after my employees left for the day (8 hrs ahead of NY). I just got to see the headlines before the news sites went down because of overuse. A few moments later I got a call from a local friend who informed me in a disgusted tone of voice that “in “Palestine” (this person is not 100% fluent in English and did not know the right English word to use to refer to Gaza) they are celebrating and dancing”.


    realist – lol! 🙂


    I was at work, having an email argument with a friend about the efficacy of internet petitions. Then the friend emailed me saying something about the WTC being hit by a plane. I tried to get to MSNBC.com and couldn’t (the site was overloaded), so I knew something was really happening. I walked to the center of our building, where there was a TV hanging from the ceiling with CNN going 24 hours a day. There were already about 100 people standing there; I got there just in time to see the second plane hit. Our building and all buildings on the campus were evacuated a few hours later, as it was the headquarters of a major government agency.


    in bed!!!! I have a hard time getting up in the morning, and yesterday my mom was like OSB is dead!!!! I juuuumped outa bed!!!


    I used to have a service business and did work in the south tower of the WTC, on a high floor, every month for over 10 years.

    I often saw small planes flying down the Hudson River LOWER than the altitude I was at in the building, and sometimes even thought ‘Gee, if a pilot just made a slight momentary slip in his steering, he could crash into the building’.

    So, of course, the day of the attack, when I first heard the news, I thought, ‘Hey, what I had thought about, actually has happened!’ Even a bit later when I heard that the “tower had fallen”, I thought they meant the big TV antennae on TOP of the tower. I never dreamed that they meant the WHOLE building!

    Of course, shortly thereafter, I heard about the second tower being hit, and then the Pentagon, and it was clear that we were under attack.


    I guess it was unfounded… you talk about how you have your CPA and already are working, so I thought about 25 (In my mind I assumed the new CPA rules that require 150 credits and working) But I guess you’re more 22/23?

    I didn’t say it was a huuge difference

    ☕️coffee addict

    I remember telling the person who told me “I don’t believe you” so I called Tell Me


    10 yrs ago i was in 2nd grade and we found out because some parents called the school to pick up their daughters because they were scared- i was petrified cuz my father left to the airport that morning- later he told us everyone on his plane was watching on their screens until someone pointed out- just look out the window-

    now i was in my room and my parents called me out to tell me- we sat reading stuff online and listening- for over an hour waiting for obama to speak- i ended up going to bed cuz i had a test the next day 🙁 those r 2 days i wont forget


    I was in the second grade on Sept.11. Our teacher told our class the shocking news. Boy, were we scared! (When we saw an airplane we were POSITIVE it was Airforce 1 with Bush in there..:)) I couldn’t fall asleep at night from fear.


    I think I was also in second grade and I remember that we came home early and I heard my mother listening to the radio all thru supper… my father worked in Manhattan at the time but was not in that part of town so…

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