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    If you can go back in time, to any period in history, where would you go? And if you had the ability to change something from then, what would it be?



    2005. I would bring ten books written in 2015 and create a time travel paradox.


    i would definitely go back to a date before my sisters and parents had died. What would I change? Probably whatever would need changing to prolong those lives. (But that shouldn’t imply any lack of acceptance of Hashem’s plan. Just answering the question)

    On a more “fun” note, I would like to go back to a time when life was more sincere and the yetzer hora had a bit less access and thank Gd for every second of it. Oh, that wasn’t fun either.

    Okay, I would love to go back to a time when the chofetz chaim was still alive and people got married in their backyards and didn’t have to wear high heeled shoes. What would I change…


    syag: This makes me so sad! How traumatic.And yet you are one of the upbeat posters…unbelievable.I wish my mother could be alive to enjoy my children and their children(b.h.). But past is past, and at least I have a role model in my head forever


    Oh thank you, how nice to be thought of that way because i really think i am upbeat. i try to be introspective as well, and that question came up as we were making our first wedding so the nostalgia was intense.

    this month the answer to that question would be, i would go back to a time when women spent the day barefoot in the kitchen and kids didn’t have homework. what would I change there? whatever needed to be changed to stop it from evolving.


    I grew up without cell phones and anything newer than that And I promise you all it was a much better life …people connect much better in person. Period.


    SL – “Probably whatever would need changing to prolong those lives”

    And how would you do that?

    Avram in MD

    Back to Gan Eden to throttle a certain snake before it spoke to anyone… 🙂


    ten minutes ago. just before i broke my mothers vase

    ( but seriously, probably to the moment right before i said something hurtful to my spouse for the first time. i was in lots of physical pain and i lashed out and everything was worked out in the end. but it was so not worth it, i would take it all back

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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