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    Just Another Yid

    Focusing on price, customizability, and IF IT SLOWS DOWN MY LAPTOP

    Menachem Shmei

    I have TAG (techloq) which doesn’t slow down my computer, and is customizable by category.
    I think it’s $100 a year.

    Another incredible software that I use is Webchaver (Covenant Eyes).
    The main idea isn’t blocking websites (though you can also make a whitelist/blacklist, and there is also an option to block adult content, though its very general), rather accountability.

    The idea is that no matter how strong a filter is, there are always some ways to get around it (loopholes, Google drive, etc.)

    Webchaver puts a system that takes random screenshots of all your activity throughout the day, and emails them to someone you trust. The screenshots are blured so the shomer can’t see sensitive info (emails, accounts, etc.) but gets a general picture of what you’re doing, and can sense if its something inappropriate.

    This is very helpful, because even if something is allowed by my filter, I think twice – is this something I want someone to see me doing?

    The price and setup is also relatively easy and cheap.


    Try Glattwater or Waterpik, Brita would do according to most poskim


    For filters here are some recommendations:

    For Windows: GenTech, Meshimer, Techloq, Netspark and or the following accountability programs Webchaver or Truple.

    For Android: GenTech, Meshimer, Netspark and or the following accountability programs Webchaver or Truple.

    For iPhone / iPad: GenTech, Meshimer. Accountability programs like Webchaver or Truple are also an option but they unfortunately have their limitations due to apple’s rules. (or iPhone restrictions if done properly)

    Chromebooks are not recommended to be used, due to the lack of good filtering options the best option at this stage will be Truple or Blocksi.net

    Just Another Yid

    Thank you I thought Brita was only for Mac. I will look into it kore iyh


    I use OpenDNS which is far from perfect, as you need to install it on your home router and it doesn’t filter if you go to a coffee shop or something.

    I’m looking in to getting TechLoq. It’s not expensive, and it has content filtering, so it checks the words and pictures on a webpage before serving it. It also does not have spyware. I frankly don’t want all my passwords and emails available to some anonymous guy in an office somewhere, which a lot of filters do.


    @ just: It filters out just about all of the stuff that live in the water pipes.


    Off topic, but on topic – if you keep finding the inevitable loopholes in your filter, whichever it is, you may want to also check it Guard Your Eyes. You’ll probably be very glad that you did.

    ah yid

    The best filter I found is not even a filter it’s called Adblock. It blocks all ads from my computer. I found this was where I found I was getting unwanted pictures from advertisements. The best part for a home computer it’s free and a few dollars for a phone.

    Just Another Yid

    Does anyone know how much these filters slow down your computer?


    I wanted to filter our home wifi. I’ve tried OpenDNS with limited success. I ended up replacing our router with a Gryphon AX router from Gryphon Connect. This of course does nothing to filter internet from other sources such as cellular internet or wifi at other locations.


    Best Android and Iphone filter is a new one by tag called MB Smart. Its superfast and only costs 30 dollars a year!


    I also used OpenDNS.
    I am not sure that it requires installing something on the router, maybe I do not remember.
    You can do whitelisting – allowing only specific sites or groups of sites.

    Also, whether it is for yourself or a kid – make sure there is a positive motivation in using electronics: learning, taking classes, and focus on expanding these positive activities. After you do work for 10 hours on a computer, you may want to do something else for relaxation.


    @yeshivishrockstar How does MB Smart compare to Netspark and Gentech?


    I’ve been using Techloq for a few years on my computer, and I’m very happy. Never noticed any major slowing down of the computer. Mainly I like that they are very discerning. On many pages they’ll gray over skin tones in images instead of just always blocking the entire page. Also if a page is blocked you can request to have it unblocked, and usually they’ll respond within 10 minutes. So often I’ll request to unblock a YouTube video, and they’ll approve it, and their technology blocks all the other images and videos on the YouTube page.

    [email protected]

    The best accountability software for Windows and Android is Accountable You.
    It’s really good.


    A Rov in EY highly recommends NetFree. Apparently, it simply pixelates any images and graphics it detects as inappropriate, (same for kfira content and sites).

    Anyone have any input on it?


    Which filters have a goy manually look at each picture or image in real time before deciding if it is permissible?


    ujm > Which filters have a goy manually look at each picture

    simply use Mechanical Turk to hire someone in India: explain to them what images you object to, give them some examples, and they’ll be happy to collect samples of un-tzanua and avoda zora that you can then feed into deep learning and train your personal filter.

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