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    If you could go to either the Internet Asifa or Siyum Hashas but not both, which would you choose and why?

    The Frumguy

    The Siyum Hashas – not even close. I put in 7 1/2 years for this moment.


    Obviously, we are talking about people who WOULD go to both…

    no asifa bashers please


    Siyum hashas. I think I would be more inspired by it.


    Internet Asifa. Since having the internet in ones home could literally be a pikuach nefesh issue for the neshoma.


    personally, i would say siyum hashas because i think my message would kinda be the more we are delving into torah, the less pull we will have to use the internet. just my opinion.


    The Siyum Hashas because the organizers never claimed that Metlife Stadium used to be Giant Stadium.


    This is not even a close call nor tough decision; Siyum haShas is clear cut obvious choice.

    Especially after we read Kedoshim today {& last week in Israel} where best venue for Kedusho & Sanctifying & Hallowing HaShem is by a major “Adas Yisroel” = Assifo, such as 90,000 seats at Meadowland stadium for the Siyum haShas; Not to mention that our wives can also be there and be part of this Sanctification & Hallowing of haShem as we recite Kerias Shema at Ma’ariv, and answer Kedusho & Kaddish.

    There are only 2 places that anyone should be at the time of the internet Assifo:- 1) At the Kossel for Yom Yeusholayim, or 2) Kever Shmuel haNovi in honor of his Yohrzeit, or of-course both, but certainly not in Flushing. If unable to be at one of these 2 locations, at least be at the Kossel via webcam, and Daven in spirit of seeing the Kossel live, for restoration of the Beis haMikdosh soonest!

    Even on Tish b’Ov where clearly I don’t fool around on the internet, but I do keep looking into Kossel webcam during Tisho b’Ov, to keep my mind focused on the Kossel & upcoming 3rd Beis haMikdosh.


    Tough choice. For me, the Asifa, but want to take the kids to the Siyum Hashas so guess that would win.


    Siyum Hashas, because it has a point.


    Definitely the siyum hashas! Its not such a hard decision because I would never think to go to the Internet asifa thing. Waste of time


    147 i live in Flushing am i allowed to be at home? pretty please??

    Shticky Guy

    Siyum Hashass as you cant ever recapture the feeling there, whereas the asifa you can catch up on the drashos later, or even watch it live during quiet periods at the siyum hashas via webcams…


    YW Moderator-42 -“If you could go to either the Internet Asifa or Siyum Hashas but not both, which would you choose and why?”

    If I would agree to the idea of an Internet Asifa (which I don’t for many reasons) and I’d have to choose between the two -I’d pick the Net Asifa.

    Why? Because Shloimah Hamelech says it’s better to go to a Bais Ovel than a Bais Simcha. At the Siyum a person feels good and at the Asifa one is getting Mussar.


    I’m not going to either one.

    But if I had to choose I would pick the Siyum HaShas. My male disguise clothes are in the wash.


    Great point, Health. The reason everyone’s choosing the siyum over the asifa, is because they’d rather not hear the mussar – and instead go to a celebration.

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