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    Reb Yidd – From what I’ve seen it gets lots of attention -negative attention. In fact, under certain circumstances it might be interpreted as harassment. Better to offer flowers or a box of candy.

    Avi K

    I posted Rabbi Mansour’s pesak, which answers the O.P’s question. It is also well known as several posters, including me, have responded regarding rashei yeshivot.
    As for carrying in an eruv that some consider pasul, if it is done to emphasize that the person holds by the eruv it might be OK but in general it is better to avoid machloket (although I heard that the Gra hung a kneidlach on his window during Pesach and Rav Soloveichik ate matza brei soup on his porch). When Rav Shalom Gold wanted to put up an eruv in West Hempstead, LI he asked Rav Moshe. Rav Moshe agreed after being told that he was the only rabbi there, thus insuring that there would be no machloket.

    Midwest, just make sure that she is not allergic to flowers or candy.

Viewing 2 posts - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)
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