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    Which month of the year is it?

    ☕️coffee addict

    You mean white male history month

    Women’s history month is next month


    Do you feel a need for White History Month?


    CA: And when it’s Men’s History Month?


    White history month(s) are the other 11 months of the year which are not Black History Month. For all practical purposes, history as taught in schools is essentially White Eurocentric history for obvious reasons. I’m not threatened by schools and media inserting a modicum of Black or other ethnic-centric history if done with common sense and avoids the usual hyperbole and fringe political agendas like reparations etc.

    ☕️coffee addict


    February is black history month so there are black males


    This is the current sad state of the republican party.
    Let’s make fun of Black History Month because there is no white history month.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Who was making fun of black history month?

    This is the sad state of the democrat party always virtue signaling and trying to paint republicans as evil (republicans want to cut Medicare? Was there any proof of that?)


    As a practical matter, we have too many “months” to recognize specific demographics, causes, etc. Its become a bit of a joke just like the last administration had a monthly “Infrastructure Week” to promote legislation they were never able to enact. There are more groups seeking special recognition than there are months in the years.


    Jack: “Do you feel a need for White History Month?

    Do you feel a need for Black History Month?


    it makes sense to have 12 months by shvatim, but why is BHM the shortest? Let’s have 32 days in February


    Gadol, perhaps that has less to do witu bias and more to do with the cumulative accomplishments, innovations, social movements, and historical events with worldwide repercussions of one population versus another…


    If you wonder why these “awareness” and “commemoration” days and months have become such a joke, see below for a partial list of upcoming “holidays”:

    Black History Month
    American Heart Month
    National Bird Feeding Month
    Library Lovers Month
    Senior Independence Month
    Children’s Dental Health Month
    National Time Management Month
    2nd Groundhog Day
    3rd Wear Red Day
    6th – 10th Pride in Foodservice Week
    10th Umbrella Day
    13th – 19th Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
    14th Valentine’s Day
    19th-25th National Engineers Week
    20th President’s Day
    21st Mardi Gras
    22nd School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

    American Red Cross Month
    National Women’s History Month
    National Social Work Month
    National Ethics Awareness Month
    National Nutrition Month
    Irish-American Heritage Month
    Mustache March
    National Colon Cancer Awareness Month
    Youth Art Month
    3rd World Wildlife Day
    3rd Employee Appreciation Day
    6th Dentist’s Day
    8th International Women’s Day
    8th Registered Diatician Nutritionist Day
    12th National Girl Scout Day
    12th–18th Patient Safety Awareness Week
    12th-18th National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
    13th-17th Long Term Care Administrators Week
    14th Pi Day
    14th-Apr 3rd March Madness
    17th St. Patrick’s Day
    19th Certified Nurses Day
    19th-25th National Poison Prevention Week
    20th First Day of Spring
    21st World Down Syndrome Day
    25th Earth Hour
    19th-25th Health Information Professionals Week
    24th World Tuberculosis Day
    30th Doctor’s Day


    Here are some more:

    Date Holiday
    Abolition of Slavery Day
    Car Insurance Day
    Change Your Password Day
    Conservatorship and Guardianship Abuse Awareness Day
    Day of Remembrance and Respect to Victims of the Communist Regime
    Decorating With Candy Day
    Federal Territory Day
    G.I. Joe Day
    Global School Play Day
    Heroes’ Day
    Holiday Hugs Day
    Hula in the Coola Day
    National Baked Alaska Day
    National Cameron Day
    National Dark Chocolate Day
    National Freedom Day
    National Get Up Day
    National Girls and Women in Sports Day
    National Sean Day
    National Serpent Day
    National Signing Day
    National Texas Day
    Robinson Crusoe Day
    Spunky Old Broads Day
    World Aspergillosis Day
    World Hijab Day
    World Read Aloud Day
    La Poutine Week
    National Patient Recognition Week
    National Patient Recognition Week
    Shape Up With Pickles Time
    Solo Diners Eat Out Week
    U.S. Snow Sculpting Week
    Women’s Heart Week
    World Interfaith Harmony Week
    Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
    African American Heritage Month
    AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
    American Heart Month
    Barley Month
    Beat the Heat Month
    Berry Fresh Month
    Bike To Work Month
    Black History Month
    Canned Food Month
    Celebration of Chocolate Month
    Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month
    Declutter for a Cause Month
    Dog Training Education Month
    Ethnic Equality Month
    Exotic Vegetables and Star Fruit Month
    Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month
    Feline Fix by Five Month
    Financial Aid Awareness Month
    Free Open Source Software Month
    From Africa to Virginia Month
    Great American Pie Month
    Human Relations Month
    Humpback Whale Awareness Month
    International Boost Self Esteem Month
    International Expect Success Month
    International Friendship Month
    International Hoof Care Month
    International Month of Black Women in the Arts
    International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
    Jobs in Golf Month
    LGBT+ History Month
    Love the Bus Month
    Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
    Marijuana Awareness Month
    National African American Read-In
    National Arts Month
    National Avocado and Banana Month
    National Bake For Family Fun Month
    National Bird Feeding Month
    National Blah Buster Month
    National Cancer Prevention Month
    National Care About Your Indoor Air Month
    National Cat Health Month
    National Cherry Month
    National Children’s Dental Health Month
    National Embroidery Month
    National Enrolled Agents Month
    National Fasting February
    National Fondue Month
    National Goat Yoga Month
    National Grapefruit Month
    National Haiku Writing Month
    National Heart Healthy Month
    National Hot Breakfast Month
    National Laugh-Friendly Month
    National Library Lovers Month
    National Macadamia Nut Month
    National Mend a Broken Heart Month
    National Parent Leadership Month
    National Self-Check Month
    National Senior Independence Month
    National Snack Food Month
    National Sweet Potato Month
    National Therapeutic Recreation Month
    National Time Management Month
    National Weddings Month
    National Women Inventors Month
    North American Inclusion Month (NAIM)
    Pet Dental Health Month
    Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month
    Potato Lovers Month
    Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month
    Raynaud’s Awareness Month
    Relationship Wellness Month
    Responsible Pet Owners Month
    Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
    Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
    Spiritual Teachers Month
    Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
    Vegan Cuisine Month
    Wise Health Care Consumer Month
    Women’s Role in History Month
    Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
    Youth Leadership Month


    “Perhaps that has less to do with bias and more to do with the cumulative accomplishments, innovations, social movements, and historical events with worldwide repercussions of ONE population versus another…”
    Do you mean chassidish or Litvish?? If the former, do we have a special month for each Chassidus? I’d be intrigued as to how Satmar will celebrate Tzionist History month or how Misnagdim Appreciation Day will be celebrated at 770.


    Don’t mind me has nicely and precisely settled the issue.

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