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    If you wear a white kippah to someone’s wedding, do you also wear it to bar mitzvahs?*

    *Normally you wear a different kippah in real life and on Shabbos

    Thank you ☺


    Depends on what I am wearing. Why would I not wear it in real life and on Shabbos?


    In real life vs shabbos?

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Won’t be long before we all collectively leave this world and enter a fantasy realm of pure imagination, so can’t spend too much time posting.

    I’ll see you all when we return to the real world motzei Shabbos.


    LB, I’m not sure exactly what it is you’re asking. I don’t know anyone that specifically wears a white kippah to weddings. I know many men who wear white kippot on Shabbat, so if there is a bar mitzvah on Shabbat, yes, they wear a white kippah.

    If we’re attending a wedding, normally my kippah will match my shirt. I try to wear a colored dress shirt to weddings, because it’s nice to dress up in something other than a white shirt.


    Until the 1970s white yarmulkas were much more common.


    I wear a white kippah to the gas station, supermarket, and shul. I don’t wear it at airports, because I don’t want the security personnel to mistake me for a Muslim.

    If you think Muslims have it easy in America, try dressing like one for a day.


    People have different minhagim.
    In my family we wear white kippot only for the Yomin Noraim. The exception is for the chassan on his wedding day (with its fast, similar to a Yom Kippur Katan).
    Over the years, at weddings and B’nai Mitzvah I (and my father before me have amassed a large collection of kippot that are stamped inside with the name of the celebrant(s) and the date of the simcha.
    On Pesach, when guests arrive to our seder, they may often find a kippah from their, or their father’s Bar Mitzvah/wedding attached to their place-card. It brings a smile to their faces as they don this special Kippah for the evening.


    LB, I agree with the above post. People who wear black velvet kippahs tend to wear them for everything. There are some sects of Yerushalmim that wear a white kippah on Shabbos and YT (and thus for a family simcha) with their streimels. Also Na-Nach Breslovers probably wear more white kippahs. There are also people who wear the knitted kippahs that might be white or any other color of their choice, not necessarily related to the place they are going. People who wear the white silk/polyester kippahs, like the kind CTLawyer is mentioning, with names embossed on them, are not necessarily wearing them except at the simcha itself.

    Could you clarify what kind of white kippah you are referring to.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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