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    I have never seen anyone buy grape flavor unless it was the only one available. I have seen it be the only one available because the shelf was empty of the others. What’s with all the grape?

    Shopping613 🌠

    It’s very popular by the israeli’s. I have never understood it, one of my best friends is israeli and I once told her that no one buys grape anything in the US. When I explained this was because it tastes so bad she said “I guess people here have different taste buds”

    I still can’t understand it…


    You’re kidding, right?

    When I was a camp counselor, the kids used to fight over the grape flavored popsicles.

    I love grape flavor.


    I don’t know any popular drink with grape flavor in Israel. The only one I can think of is popular because it costs so little. As a kid when you happened to have only one ILS, and you were out on a very got day, there was nothing like a grape-flavoured “Tropit” to satiate your thirst. They also give them around in summer camps for the same reason (that’s only my perspective though. I acknowladge people’s right to like grape flavor in all types and forms)

    Also kids are crazy about the grape juice in the kidush. That counts for something doesn’t it?

    roger green

    My favorite flavor!!Problem was usually kashrus question but otherwise bring it on!!


    Grape flavor laffy taffys aren’t so bad


    i like grape jelly on bread. i like grape anything. wine, raisins, juice, jello, jelly. also, blacks love grape flavor. they drink gallons of grape juice. and a huge supplier of grape juice to black areas is kedem, but they use the name medek and without a hechsher symbol.


    Theprof1 I want gonna say the black person comment I was afraid it’s racist


    “but they use the name medek and without a hechsher symbol.”

    First of all, I just googled Medek, and came up with nothing that resembles grape juice.

    Second, even if what you’re saying is true, why would it make sense for them to give it a different name and not give it a hechsher? Do they make it in a different factory?

    Also I thought the stereotype was grape drink, not grape juice


    Is that like an evil twin thing?


    I agree RebYidd grape is the last flavor on my list too.


    Apparently there’s a southern soda called Grapeco!
    And, for what it is worth, until they get rid of the LAST decent juice flavor they sell, making the product almost useless, I enjoy the Sodastream Welch’s Grape juice. I recommend this stuff if you have to deal with an apartment, walking, lack of space, etc.



    Can anyone figure this out 😉

    It says I love grape flavor candies (and ices)


    Just today, like two hours ago, I was thinking the same exact question!

    There was a sign at the pharmacy stating that this month’s flavor special was $1.99. For $1.99, you can flavor your medication with their grape flavored syrup.

    When I was a kid, I sometimes liked grape soda. “Sometimes” because too much inverted the taste, somehow.


    Inverted the taste?

    What does an upside-down grape taste like?

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