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    Someone is ignoring me! Could you explain? I mean if it was a rainy muggy Friday I would let it go. But it’s not! If I try resubmitting the post in a few hours, will a different mod let it go through?

    I really try not to be annoying, but I am seriously confused! So pardon my annoyances.

    I understand why mods would delete some of my comments. Especially ones that have external links (though it’s good for SEO so not sure why you don’t allow it…) but why was my thread deleted? It was a totally legit question that I was wondering about! Care to explain?

    We generally do not explain moderating decisions. We may have to suspend your account if you do not read and follow the rules of the coffee room, which you’ve been linked before:


    Specifically read the following paragraph at least 10 times before your next post:

    2 – If your post was deleted, please don’t post asking us why your post was deleted. It was deleted because we felt that there was something inappropriate, off topic etc. Do not resubmit deleted posts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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