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    Is rgp really flatbush girl aka Adina sash aka Adina sashitsky
    Both make fun of all holy
    Both think they know it all
    So I was just wondering

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Unfortunately there are many people here that make fun of holy, and think they know it all


    RGP is on meds for multiple personalities.

    Avi K

    There is no RGP. She is RG and she is looking for a better screen name, Apparently I have to post this four hundred times.


    Avi k
    You don’t have to post it even once. I think most people get it
    We just don’t care.
    You use screen names just so your comment can be understood in context
    You think there is a person named chossid ?

    Avi K

    Klugeryid, your screen name must be sage nahor. First of all, a screen name has nothing to do with context. Do you think that Joseph, for example, always writes about people named Joseph? I presume that RG is the wife of a rabbi named Golden (or considers him to be a rabbi).

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    It’s definitely Golden Pick, like a pickax for mining:
    Rebitzin Golden Pick: A Better Screenname.


    Avi –
    The “pick a nicer screenname” portion was an edit by a mod

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    So, he originally had tried to make it something inappropriate?


    The original screen name was “Rebbitzen Golden Puppick”.

    A mod decided that “pupick” (yiddish for gizzard) is not a nice name, hence the direction “pick a nicer screenname”.

    Which begs the question: Was the edit due to the use of puppick in the context of a female, hence a tznius issue or was it the general reference to gizzard/stomach?

    In other words, would a screen name like “Moshe Pipick” be allowed or would it also be censored?

    Enquiring minds need to know.


    Avi k
    The context I was referring to was so you can tell who you are responding to
    What did you think I meant when I wrote
    ”you think there is a person named chosid”?

    Uncle Ben

    YW Mod-29; Why would a mod add that?
    What’s so bad about Rebbetzin Golden?


    A mod decided that “pupick” (yiddish for gizzard) is not a nice name, hence the direction “pick a nicer screenname”.

    Ben, it never was Rebbetzin Golden

    Uncle Ben

    Mod-29: Oh, I hear.


    Assumption? Let’s break it down. Screen name has three parts: (1) Rebbetzin – that’s ok; (2) Golden – that’s ok; (3) Puppick – that’s a problem, pick a nicer name.


    The debate: RGP vs RG.
    The P doe NOT represent “pick a nicer name”, but the original “puppick”

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Ha! So, I was right to use “RGP!” Take that, Avi!

    We could technically all compromise on RGPANSN to reflect the full name.

    I don’t really know yiddish. Part of me suspects that this word is used as a euphemism for something else given that they blocked it.

    Little Froggie

    If truth need be told, RGP, it’s because of a certain complaint I had with that name I either sounded off to you or to the Mods. That word, at least to me, sounded a bit coarse, vulgar, something not edel. I’m sorry if I offended you. It was probably many screennames ago. I guess the higher ups conferred and changed it to the present one…

    Just a piece of CR history.

    ps I used to LIVE in here… 23.5 / 6, recently I found out there’s indeed life on the other planet (earth)!


    No problemo, Little Tzfardaya, “That word, at least to me, sounded a bit coarse, vulgar, something not edel.” –

    Would you have also objected if a male used the sceenname “Moshe Pupik” or let’s say “Rabbi Golden Pupik”?/?

    Little Froggie


    Yes. Yes. And Yes. It’s not an edele expression. We are bidden, urged by Chazal, by the Torah, to use a Loshon Nekiah. It mirrors and reflects the character. And it affects and influences the character. It goes both ways. Male and female, both need a clean Neshamah!

    (I get your drift. That’s my answer to you in my humble opinion. It’s coarse to be mentioned by both genders… think of the word belly – actually it is its translation. Would you call yourself with that obscene, crude word?)


    There are those who say Mr. Rebbetzin is an undercover Lubavitcher. I never really saw anything of the sort, but I think even if he were, that’s not anything particularly negative. What Mr. Rebbetzin really is, is a not so undercover feminist. His unjewish-like message are that men and women are equal and each can do anything the other can do. He doesn’t say so directly but, rather, mushes things around to try to convince people of that.

    ocho sinco

    Rebitzin golden is probably papa bar abba.


    when did the pappa become a momma?


    Golden, why did you post for a while, stop, and come back years later?


    People have many reasons. One might have a memory lapse. Forgot spelling of screenname and password. Another may have been undercover using another screen name. Another might have had both these situations combined. Did you miss me?


    Once we start reading euphemisms into screen names, there is no end.

    I wonder if Rebbitzen Golden Shnitzel would be allowed? Maybe shnitzel is also not a nice name?!

    How about Rebbitzen Golden Kreplech…kreplech is also no good.

    Certainly, Rebbitzen Golden Honeypot would be nixed as obscene.

    I haven’t been able to “pick a nicer name”!


    What is “not eidel” about “pupick”? What else can one call it, either in a bird or on a person?


    Milhouse , dos is der kurkavun, der heiliger kurkavon!


    Found on the Internet (and slightly edited):
    For a time the word “belly” was considered vulgar. The word was sometimes slyly hinted at.
    For example, in the 1933 film “42nd Street,” there is a lyric “with a shotgun in his b…tummy”
    (tummy is a childish word for belly). Nowadays this supposed vulgarity of “belly” is completely
    forgotten, and the joke has to be explained.

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