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    Just read the sefer about Reb Dovid Trenk my question is who is the master of Just Loving the children?


    Shmuel Skaist?


    You should be Zoche to the best of your abilities!
    Amazing things can happen!!!

    meir G

    there are dozens of rabbeim tzadikkim similar to reb dovid trenk, whether they work with metzuyanim & their particular challenges or those who need alot of motivation even for the basics .

    what is worthy of discussion is that despite the miracles rav trenk performed in the old adelphia days , when he came to lakewood , even with the financial support of so many former talmidim ..sadly his yeshiva couldn’t attract even a minyan of bochurim .the question is WHY? he didnt change “he loved them “. the teretz is , the type of bochur changed the “new weak bochur ” is so much lower than the old weak bochur that attended adelphia , secondly rav trenk zatzl magic worked because it was in the framework of rav shain – the rav trenk menu on its own as a main dish wasn’t sustainable- yehi zichro boruch bgan eden – the solution is way more complex than “just love them”. many of these boys have parents who love them much more than i love my own kids…veheshiv lev avos al bonim


    Whoever he is, presumably like Rabbi Trenk, he is working in a Yeshiva for those who are struggling.

    So that is where you should look for him.

    ( Not that there aren’t any loving mechanichim in more main stream Yeshivas It’s just that isn’t so hard to love motivated Talmdim. No one is writing books about you for doing so)

    Rockaway Resident

    R’ Mordechai Groner


    Who replaced Rav Shlomo Friefeld? no one, the shoes were too big in more ways then one.

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