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    lol at Netanyahu. By letting yesh atid into the coalition, he basically marginalized himself.

    Doesn’t it seem like lapid is the prime minister?


    strategic retreat dude. he’s being burned atm doe, true.


    he is interested in callg new elections again soon, and wants it to look as if everything that went wrong with the government and economy is lapid’s fault.

    Surest sign of israeli elections is when thew right wing parties want to restart the “peace procass”.


    In a country facing real military threats, a draft bill that does not have buy in from the army is a dead letter.

    Armies can either be agents of social engineering or fight wars. They cannot do both.


    josh, EXPLAIN your deep-sound but ultimately incorrect statement. examples plz.


    Netanyohu is too smart & shrewd for Lapid’s stupidity, and is awaiting Lapid stomping himself into a real mess.

    Netanyohu as well as any smart individual knows full well, that there is no way Israel has the financial resources to keep every army deserter in prison. $50,000 per prisoner per annum is surely not on the budget books, so it simply ain’t going to happen, so Netanyohu knows the adage:- Shesiko leChochom.

    Mark my word:- Netanyohu shall be on the political map long after Lapid’s {& Bennett’s} downfall from politics.

    Avi K

    As Israel has a multi-party parliamentary system (unlike the two-party presidential system in the US) PMs have always had to keep coalition partners happy. Lapid’s party has enough members to bring down the government (again unlike in the US where only the extreme acts of impeachment and removal for “high crimes and misdemeanors” can bring down a president)so Netanyahu has to give him what he wants where it does not contradict his own priorities. In any case, much of Lapid’s program is Netanyahu’s so he also makes a good scapegoat.


    The Israeli army really does not want solders serving only to avoid going to jail. They want to expand existing Charedei programs.

    In the USA there is a congressman who wants a draft to equalize the burden of serving in the military (both men and women).

    The military itself does not want a draft


    147, I could have written those same words myself.

    Netanyahu has proven himself very shrewd in the past, and is one of the few Israeli politicians who has kept going this long.

    I suspeact that he feels that if lapids gets away with it then good for him, if not netanyahu feels that he has not burnt his own bridges with teh frum parties.

    he is interested in distancing himself from any failures of lapid too, in order to win future elections.


    Becaus the Dati Leumi camp (Bayit Yehudi, led by Bennett) formed an alliance with Lapid. Likud and the hareidim could form a government, but only if Bayit Yehudi joined. So the reason Lapid has so much power, which he uses to attack the Torah world, is that the Dati Leumi/Modern Orthodox/Religious Zionists – gave it to him (and can take it away at any time).


    Actually, an often used phrase in Sefer Shoftim (the Biblical book called “Judges”) puts the current situation very well, no matter who the PM is: There is no king in Israel, and every man does what is right in his own eyes.”

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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