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    If I return to Israel when they are having mandatory quarantining in hotels, do I have to pay for it? Or is it gov’t subsidized?

    I have Israeli citizenship & will be coming straight from America, so there shouldn’t be any issues in those areas. Just wondering if I’m going to be expected to pay hundreds, or thousands, of dollars up front when I get to Eretz Israel.

    The Shady Charedi

    Completely free incl all board and lodging. (At least for Israeli citizens).


    The government pays for it. Which is why it was, and will be, a short-lived and minimally-used solution. Those of us that have homes in Israel should be able to quarantine at home as we did before. The new British variant of the virus is already out. Having ALL citizens who travel abroad in hotels is a waste of resources.


    Having ALL Citizens who travel abroad in hotels is NOT a waste of resources.

    Here in Connecticut during phase 1 of the Pandemic, hotels and motels were ordered closed. Workers lost their livelihood. So the government used hotels and motels to house essential medical workers so they did not go home and infect their families.

    Other hotels and low end motels were used to house the homeless, shelters did not have separate spaces required for social distancing and usually forced the homeless out on the streets from 8 am til 8pm. Now they could be confined to safe spaces and be fed three meals a day.

    The government is trading payments to the hotels to provide, food, housing and quarantine space, while providing employment for those hospitality industry workers who would otherwise be laid off and earn nothing.

    This is a good use of government funds


    Thanks for the replies.

    That answers my question.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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