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    Ready now – don’t be naive. Of course there are streams in Judaism. I grew up in a place where a teenage boy’s youth centre had to have separate nights for boys of different mechinos as the parents did not want their children mixing with boys from another school. I am not talking about chareidi and modern schools here. I am talking about chareidi and chareidi schools. JMH can vouch for that, since he also grew up there. And until the various factions of chareidi kehillos can stop this ridiculous segregation, they have no right to look down upon those who maybe are slightly more modern yet keep kashrus and shabbos and tznius same as everyone else.

    And it’s not up to you to decide whether what a person says in the CR is Apikorsus or not. Actually, Apikorsus is when someone outright denies the existence of G-d and Torah miSinai.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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