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    If you could spend a whole evening alone with anyone in Tanach other than Hashem, whom would you choose and why?


    Adam Harishon, so I can tell him “don’t eat the darn apple!”

    live right

    Aharon Hakohen or Avroham Avinu so I can learn from their amazing interpersonal skills. It would be like the greatest internship in history.


    you know what this reminds me of?

    i was teaching my students how it will all be good when moshiach comes,and there will be techiyas hameisim, and one of my precious students asked me, “so when mshiach comes, i am just gonna be able to go over to sarah imeinu’s house and say tehillim with her?! and maybe she’ll even say, my husband is in this week’s parsha!”




    Shmuel Hanavi, because then I would also get Nevua.

    Little Froggie

    I’d choose Yaakov Avinu. The one whose snapshot is posted directly under the heavenly throne. The one who saved his grandfather (???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?????). The choicest of the forefathers. The one who the Torah chose to afford the most attention to regarding all aspects of his life, obviously for us to take note. The one who went through so much pain, agonies, trials and tribulation. He had all his children set in the proper path ???? ????, each according the the particular attributes, character traits of his children.

    He was the ???? ???? ????, has his feet firmly planted in the world. He knew how to deal with many a difficult situation, many difficult people (putting it mildly), he knew how and when to be soft, gentle, compassionate, he knew how to be concurrently strong, assertive, aggressive, cunning etc (???? ??? ??????).

    Yet at the same time he was obviously living in another planet, he confronted and prevailed over a Malach HaShem, he made the Malach nebach cry… According the Medrash all heavenly occupants were abuzz with the ‘great exciting news’, when Yaakov was leaving for Charan – “Look down there goes someone who looks exactly like the picture on the ??? ?????!!” Obviously he was a hero, a sensation up there.

    So there’s plenty to learn from this Great of a man. Actually all Yisraelim are so called after him.


    Is this a seminary question thread?

    We did a roleplay of this in class and I just crashed and burned and said that I would just want to travel through time and space (like a madwoman in a box) and interview/talk to EVERYONE. Sorry, can’t pick.

    If I had to pick one? There is a person in Tanach who I find inspiring and is also linked to me because she shares my name; therefore, I will not be sharing with you who that person is 🙂 but in a sem interview I’d probably just pick her.


    Moshe Rabeinu, because hearing exactly what is Toras Emes and what is just rubbish mixed in by people trying their best to sound lomdish would be a real eye opener.


    Back in seminary, I could have written a fine essay on one of a few interesting choices.

    Today, I have to say in all honesty, I’d be afraid to meet any of my ancestors mentioned in Tanach.

    Because what would they say when they see me, their great-great-granddaughter?

    I think I’d just hide in a corner and try to catch a glimpse of them from far away.


    rochel….who today would give up their husband (to-be) even for the millions!!!!

    rochel saved us, only in her zechus Hashem was willing to save us from boval.

    Golfer- its never to late to change…we could never be like them even if we tried…the point is to take from them as much as we could.

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