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    Yaakov Shwekey and Avraham Fried


    i would like to see myself on-stage at the hasc concert but that doesn’t look like its happening so fast but who i would really like to see is Eli Gerstner and the Yeshiva Boys Choir!!

    seems like my wish came true! i didn’t sing at the concert but Ding! invited me to come on stage during the finale.

    and i was very happy to see Eli Gerstner & YBC there!!

    Bar Nosh

    The Rabbi’s Sons!!!


    AVRAHAM FRIED ALL THE WAY!!! forget about his amazing voice but hes a great performer. and Helfgot!!! lipa should make a music video too……..



    I would like to see the concert canceled, in favor of a performance of shiras ha-Leviim on the Shabbos before the concert, with Moshiach, so we do not need HASC anymore.

    If he should be delayed anymore chas vesholom, then yes, from my limited experience with HASC concerts, Fried/Helfgott would be perfect, with some sort of appearance from Lipa.



    this year????

    (BTW “NewUserName” and “Thin Ice” and all other members who posted on thid thread- most of your requests were answered in hasc 24 time for duets! maybe someone is really taking these requests into acount. WOW! never thought it would happen!)

    BUY HASC 24- WORTH EVERY PENNY (even though its alot of pennys!)

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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