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    After much discussion and heated arguments, it still seems like there is no decisive conclusion. I tried setting up color war, but it was hard to set up plays and it would be unfair to have skits, since Men have popa on their side. Therefore, it’s time for a real discussion. So, here is a fresh, new & Pledged thread just for that. Who are better, men or women?

    ☕️coffee addict

    In what way?


    I’d rather be a man, but I like women waaaay better.

    YW Moderator-42



    As Annie Oakley sang off against Frank Butler:

    Anything you can do,

    I can do better.

    I can do anything

    Better than you.

    Anything you can be

    I can be greater.

    Sooner or later,

    I’m greater than you.

    I can shoot a partridge

    With a single cartridge.

    I can get a sparrow

    With a bow and arrow.

    I can live on bread and cheese.

    Any note you can reach

    I can go higher.

    I can sing anything

    Higher than you.

    Anything you can buy

    I can buy cheaper.

    I can buy anything

    Cheaper than you.

    Anything you can say

    I can say softer.

    I can say anything

    Softer than you.

    I can drink my liquor

    Faster than a flicker.

    I can drink it quicker

    And get even sicker!

    Any note you can hold

    I can hold longer.

    I can hold any note

    Longer than you.

    Anything you can wear

    I can wear better.

    In what you wear

    I’d look better than you.

    Anything you say

    I can say faster.

    I can say anything

    Faster than you.

    I can jump a hurdle.

    I can wear a girdle.

    I can knit a sweater.

    I can wear it better!

    I can do most anything!

    Anything you can sing

    I can sing sweeter.

    I can sing anything

    Sweeter than you.

    Ok, not the definitive Jewish woman’s word on the topic, but hard to resist. 🙂


    Popa- thanks for the laugh. Glad I caught it b4 it got deleted. Mods- do u do that on purpose?

    ☕️coffee addict

    I don’t think so


    dats probly true..

    So how do they make it up there if the Mods r Moding everything b4 they allow em to post? Is there a more lenient Mod whom the other Mods hafta keep ther eye on??

    that would be me.

    ☕️coffee addict

    im guessing it’s 42?


    Q; Whats better chocolate or vanila?

    A; None is better or worse but they are deffinitly different.

    ha ha ha ha

    wow!! this is one of the most blah arguements i’ve heard in a long time…



    to paraphrase another song,”..you can’t have one without the other..”

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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