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    I don’t know if this topic will pass for a Yeshiva website, but why does it appear that the couples of Hollywood fame and glamor are more romantic with each other in comparision to the frum couples? I am referring to one well known couple with a lot of kids in their family. All the photos are like endearing of him and her being affectionate towards one another. Why is this enjoyable type of relationship not a part of us?


    It’s all a facade. On a video that had a Baal Teshuva used to work in Hollywood said “the people in Hollywood are the most miserable people on earth”.

    And most of their marriages don’t last very long!



    I think that this is something that should be happening between frum couples, and you are correct to desire it. The only difference is that we don’t do so publicly. You should speak to your rebbetzin about this.

    For example, the kior was built out of mirrors that the women in mitzraim used to beautify themselves for their husbands. Hashem told Moshe to accept the mirrors and build the kior out of this. This was appropriate since the kior brought sholom bayis, by showing when a sotah was not guilty. See rashi shemos 38:8.


    Oh, always – I haven’t been to Hollywood for some time now. But from what Iv’e heard, just a glance at statistics will show the truth.

    The best marriages are the ones built according to the blueprint of the Master Designer. Selflessly. Harmoniously.

    In fact these Middos are so foreign to the umos, all they’re interested in is “what and how can (capital) I get the most of him/her”. (looks etc. money..) They see kids (brats) as getting in their way of “pursuit of happiness”, so it’s going to be 1.5 children, 1 cat, 1 dog.

    We, lahavdil, marry to attain shleimus through a lifelong career of bestowing chesed on one’s spouse, and children ??”? to come. Each one is a blessing, one to share love and shower with chesed.

    We take a tip from Poppy. Our Father in Heaven. He created this world to be ???? to His creations, because it is the ??? of a ??? to be ????. – So ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?????.


    all fake, most hollywood marriages end quickly. just because he looks like they are a warm and caring couple doesnt mean nothing, so they took a picture.


    i cannot believe this. what in heaven’s name is YWN thinking about allowing this thread? “why is hollywood more romantic”?? is there a mod here? anywhere? does anything go in this place? wheres the daas torah? i demand that YWN immediately close and remove this thread. this is much more than just borderline pritzus (which is also a problem, however maybe someone could see how it slipped past a mod)! i think YWN should rethink its policies regarding the coffeeroom, or else change its name to NOT-Yeshiva world news. outrageous.

    I considered this, and discussed it with another mod. He agreed it should be approved, and did so. If the editor wishes, he will delete it. Meanwhile, why don’t you make a cogent argument against it.


    Rabbi Mod shlita, how are you?? DIscussing these things stam can cause hirhur aveira!! But thats ok because its for toieles…its like discussing it with the rebbitzin or rav..Let me ask you a question. Would the rav or rebbitzin allow other ppl who its not nogeah to hear the conversation? there are ppl even kids on this because maybe there parents trust and think this site is safe. A kid now is pondering and imagining the dif. bet hollywood and us! YOu prob wouldent be able to ask a prominent rav if it was muter..that wouldent be pretty.

    Your foresure not posting this..But..oh just post it thx:)


    Forgot. Most of what I wrote was based on shiurim I attended or heard on tapes from Rabbi Miller ??”?.

    Generally most of my sensible writings can be attributed to him.

    It should be plain to differentiate the serious from the otherwise.


    I agree with WANDT. This does not belong here. Not in a YW. It may be acceptable, but not here, don’t for get who we are.

    We’re talking about romance. We’re not talking about anything else. We aren’t saying anything more than chazal said. I’m not closing it. If the editor wants to, he will.


    MIB – I am not either closing it. I just had to do my hishtadlus and be MOCHE.


    Ain apitrupis laarias! if you dont know what to do misafek close it!


    MIB – There are alot of simanim in SA that are not discussed here, please don’t bring a rayah from “chazal said”.


    oy oy what have i caused??? sorry!

    Ok fine. Thread closed. But, I agree with poppa. This is something that is definitely part of a frum marriage. And I don’t think there is anything more to say here anyway.

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